Free Roommate Agreement Templates (Word / PDF)

A roommate agreement template is a legal agreement among tenants that are occupying the same rental space. This agreement outlines their mutual consensus amongst each other in terms of agreed house rules, payment of utilities, and other expenses. In this rental agreement, the tenant is not involved. This agreement only exists between the tenants.

Moreover, the roommate agreement template is also known as the roommate contract, joint lease, and rent a room agreement. The agreement is signed by the two parties concerned. Also, it plays a role of spelling out the terms under which the two parties shall relate. These terms may include the following;

  • The house rules
  • Financial agreements
  • Rules of engagements
  • The settlements of bills

Why should you use a roommate rental agreement?

The use of a roommate rental agreement may reduce some stresses the tenant and their roommate may have during their residency. The valuable uses of this agreement include the following;

  • It prevents disputes among roommates
  • For students in universities, it creates amicable living stipulations.
  • For unspoken expectations, creates settlements by the tenant and their roommate
  • Formulate mutually agreeable house rules

What does a roommate agreement outline?

A roommate agreement outlines the terms of reference under which the roommates shall abide by. These include the following;

  • The responsibility of the settlement of rent as well as utility expenses.
  • The chargeable security deposit and the other incidentals
  • Cleanliness and maintenance schedules
  • Quiet times, overnight guests, and noise emission level
  • Instructions regarding the space that is shared out
  • The rules regarding smoking and drinking
  • Relocation notice
  • Dispute resolution procedure and approaches

How do you find a roommate and sign the agreement?

Roommates have to follow a very comprehensive process while writing and using a roommate agreement template; You may also like conference room scheduler template.

Make sure you have space

The tenant must make sure that the space they are renting is adequate to accommodate them. Also, they have to ensure the number of roommates they hope to have. The tenant, as a resident, may consider the following;

  • Co-tenant
  • Sub-tenant
  • An occupant

Reach out to people you know

For tenants, it is difficult to find out a roommate. Approaching a familiar face is easier as compared to the rapport that is already there. The tenant may consider the following;

  • Close friends and family
  • Post on social media
  • Post online

Meet potential candidates

The factors like rent price and the suitability and security of the neighborhood will contribute to how much responses the tenant will get in their inbox. Meeting the short-listed potential roommates will assist the tenants in discerning the most acceptable candidate.

The tenant should make sure that they have;

  • Meet at public places
  • Prepare questions
  • Address the standard

Screen the roommate

Doing a background check will assist in clarifying all details that the tenant already has on the candidate. A rental application that is submitted by the candidate will help in conducting the background investigation. Additionally, to run background checks, the tenant can also use websites available on the internet.

Create the agreement

Both the tenant and their roommate have to engage in the process together while creating the roommate rental agreement. You should start the agreement with;

Add basic information

  • Identity of the parties
  • Date of tenancy
  • Expense information
  • Guidelines

List down the rules with your roommate

  • Expense breakdown
  • Shared and private rooms
  • Guests and parties
  • Pets
  • Chores
  • Quiet hours
  • Early move-out
  • Sharing/borrowing items
  • Other house rules

Sign the document

Both the tenant and their roommate have to sign the document after satisfying with the agreement. You should also check the roommate expense spreadsheet.

Community Room Rental Agreement Template

community room rental agreement template
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Conference Room Rental Agreement

conference room rental agreement
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Free Roommate Agreement Template

free roommate agreement template
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Meeting Room Rental Agreement Template

meeting room rental agreement template
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Party Room Rental Agreement Template

party room rental agreement template
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Rental Agreement for Room

rental agreement for room
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Spencer House Rental Agreement Template

spencer house rental agreement template
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Size: (297 KB)

Standard Roommate Rental Agreement

standard roommate rental agreement
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Size: (19 KB)

Tenancy Agreement for a Furnished Unfurnished Room

tenancy agreement for a furnished unfurnished room
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Size: (162 KB)


In conclusion, a roommate agreement template is a legal contract made between two parties while leasing out the rooms and units. The agreement outlines the terms and responsibilities of both parties.

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