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printable employee discipline forms free

Free Employee Disciplinary Action Form Templates (Word, PDF)


An employee disciplinary action form template requires by organizations, companies, and businesses when employees did some form of misconduct either simple or serious. This form emphasizes to the employees that […]

certificate of recognition template word

Free Printable Certificate of Recognition Template [Word]


A certificate of recognition template is a document that acts as a powerful tool to acknowledge the actions and efforts of the employee or an individual working in the company […]

printable restaurant job description template

Free Restaurant Job Description Template (Word, PDF)


Are you seeking a restaurant job description template? There is a wide range of jobs in the restaurant. Since there are also multiple teams to perform these jobs and in […]

employee contract template free

Free Employee Contract Template Word [Samples & Examples]


An employee contract template is used to make an agreement that contains the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of employee and employer during a period of employment. This contract is signed […]

basic company vehicle policy template

Free Company Vehicle Policy Template (Word, PDF)


There are many companies that provide the protocol of providing vehicles for the use of the employees. When companies are providing such protocol then they must have a policy that […]

self-employment verification letter format

Free Self-Employment Verification Letter (Word, PDF)


A self-employment verification letter is drafted by a self-employed person. Basically, this letter displays your income and the benefits you get from a business venture. Tax preparers prepared this letter. […]

general part-time job cover letter

Free Part-time Job Cover Letter (Word, PDF)


If you are going to apply for a part-time position, then you have to write a thoughtful cover letter. For every part-time job cover letter is not compulsory. However, it’s […]

promotion recommendation letter sample

Promotion Recommendation Letter (Word, PDF)


A promotion recommendation letter is generally written by a supervisor or a manager that outlines the suitability of an individual for promotion. However, a writer can take business references to […]

employee departure clearance form

Employee Clearance Form Template (Word, PDF)


Employee clearance form template is used by an employee when he leaves the company for some reason. This template allows the employee to fulfill all his responsibilities and clear everything […]

employee corrective action plan template

Employee Corrective Action Plan Template (Word, PDF)


An employee corrective action plan template is a document in MS Word, Adobe PDF, and Google docs in different formats. An employee corrective action plan template is used by companies […]