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certificate frame design free download

Printable Certificate Border Template Word [Designs & Samples]


When you want to design a certificate, the first thing you have to design is a certificate border template. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are creating a certificate; […]

house cleaning flyer

Free House Cleaning Flyers & Templates (Word, PDF)


If you have a house cleaning business, then you have to create house cleaning flyers to spread the word of your business. Cleaning flyers can help you to bring in […]

law student cover letter email

Free Law Student Cover Letter Word & PDF [Samples+Examples]


A law student cover letter is a great platform for law students to show their interest and passion for the profession. The cover letter helps the student in sharpening their […]

printable sales letter to introduce a new product

Free Sales Letter to Introduce a New Product Word [Samples & Examples]


In businesses, communication is very important for making sure that your customers or clients are updated about your existing or new product. A sales letter to introduce a new product […]

printable website proposal template

Free Printable Website Proposal Template (Word, PDF)


A website proposal template is basically an agreement between you and a prospective client. It allows you to sell yourself and your work to the clients. It summarizes that what […]

sample personal loan installment agreement template

Free Personal Loan Agreement Template (Word, PDF)


A personal loan agreement is a legal or written contract document that is signed by the both lender and borrower. This document indicates the terms and conditions that both parties […]

price increase letter to client

Free Price / Rate Increase Letter Word (Samples & Examples)


Every business needs to raise its prices for a reason. With the help of a price increase letter, the businesses announce to customers a price increase for goods or services. […]

product comparison template powerpoint

Free Product Comparison Template (Excel, PDF, Powerpoint)


A product comparison template allows you to compare product features or the product’s capabilities with multiple products in an effective way. It helps you to determine if your product has […]

character reference letter for court

Free Character Reference Letter for Court (Word, PDF)


A character reference letter for court is a written statement about a charged person’s character which is written by someone who knows him very well. This letter is written by […]

free bylaws template

Bylaws Template Word & PDF (Samples+Examples) Free


Bylaws are the set of rules created by a cooperate entity to rule the conduct of their members and subjects. They are also called corporate laws. Furthermore, there are various […]