Download Free Printable Class Schedule Templates (Word, Excel)

What is the Class Schedule Template?

Every one of us has heard the word class schedule or timetable in our academic life. To understand its importance, firstly we need to understand what is class schedule template is, and what is the objective of using schedules?

Schedule in simple words is a date, time, and venue of something that is going to happen. Scheduling is one of the key time management tools that are used in order to achieve certain goals with maximum productivity. In this regard points that must be kept in mind while making an effective schedule are;

  • What it is related to?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the jargon of the audience?
  • What is the importance of the schedule?
  • What key information it needs to present?
  • It is effective for what time period?

There are a number of techniques used by scheduling in charges to make sure above all points must be covered in their designed schedules. A few of the most commonly used time management techniques are; You may also like School Schedule Template.

  • Getting Things Done (GTD)
  • Wunderlist
  • Remember the Milk
  • Rescue Time
  • To-do list
  • Management by Processes

Most of us consider time management and class schedules limited to school or colleges. However, this simple term is having applications in all kinds of classes. Following are the most common class schedules people deal with in daily life;

  • Daily class schedule for School, College, or University classes.
  • Evening class schedule for gym or fitness club classes.
  • Weekly class schedule for sports club classes
  • Weekly class schedule for Music and dance classes

Types of Class Schedule Template

Class schedules can be made in a number of ways with reference to a base parameter for the schedule such as;

Class or Semester wise Schedule: It’s the most common type of class schedule that is made individually for each class. It’s a fixed schedule made on a weekly basis with the validity of at least a term. Weekly Class Schedule Template is used for making such schedules or these are extracted from the overall schedule of the institute.

Institute Classes Schedule: It’s the master schedule of the institute that is made for all the resources such as class grades, teachers, and classrooms/labs. It is easy to visualize when constructed on a daily basis. All other schedules are extracted from this master schedule. School Schedule Template is the best example of institute class schedules.

Teacher wise Schedule: This schedule is followed by teachers. It represents information about the lectures to be delivered such as subject, grade, classroom, day, and time.

Classroom/Lab Schedule: This schedule is posted in classrooms and labs for information about the classroom or labs to what class grade students, subject, day, and time. You should also check the Teacher Grade Book Template.

Class Schedule Template Free Download

class schedule template
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Simple Class Schedule Template Word

class schedule template word
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Blank Hourly Classroom Schedule Template

classroom schedule template
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College Class Schedule Template Printable

college class schedule template printable
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Editable Classroom Schedule Template

editable classroom schedule template
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College Class Schedule Template

College class schedule template is the most common type of schedule which is used to manage available resources in an effective manner to maximize the productivity of teachers and students of different semesters. Important thing is to understand why we require a class schedule at college and if it’s significant? Following are the simple points to understand the significance of the College Class Schedule Template Excel spreadsheet;

  • At college, different semester students are getting an education at the same time frame with some overlapping resources such a classroom, labs, and teachers. Class schedules play an important role in managing and preserving the availability of teachers, classrooms, and labs for particular semester students for a specific set period of intervallic time.
  • It does tell the teacher where his next class is? For what time to what? With which semester students? This information helps him to understand and prepare for the lecture that has been delivered by him on that particular day.
  • Similarly, it tells the students about where their next class is? For what time to what? With which teacher and subject? Therefore, they can prepare for the tasks given in previous classes.
  • It makes sure that no key stakeholder of school should remain unproductive in the planned utilization time of college working hours. In this way it keeps both students and teachers engaged in work to make the purpose fulfill for which they have joined the college.
  • It reserves the availability of classrooms and labs for a specific period of time to make sure particular grade students can get quality education from an allocated teacher.
  • Sometimes Weekly Class Schedule Template is preferred to make a separate class schedule for practical or lab classes. You may also see the College Class Schedule Maker Template.

Special Education Classroom Schedule Template

special education classroom schedule template
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Word (doc, docx)
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Daily Student Class Schedule Template

student class schedule template
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Word (doc, docx)
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Weekly Class Schedule Template in Excel

weekly class schedule template in excel
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College Fitness Class Schedule Excel Template

college fitness class schedule excel template
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Excel (xls, xlsx)
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How to make a Class Schedule Template?

There are a number of tools available for making a class schedule. One can make an attractive Class Schedule Template Online using free websites or using excel spreadsheets. Information that is required to be in hand before moving toward the construction of a class schedule plan using excel;

  • Number of Semester or Class grades
  • Theoretical and Lab Subjects of each semester or glass grades
  • Lecture time based on credit and contact hours awarded by HEC to each subject.
  • Number of Teachers, their working hours, the priority of subjects, and up to which semester.
  • Number of Classroom and Labs
  • Number of working hours and days in a week

After the availability of the above information. It is preferred to use time-saving online Class Schedule Maker Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are available in the form of a template in which customized data can be altered using MS excel. The basic scheme of department wise class schedule templates is;

  • At the top department name of the college is mentioned, and the type of schedule is written such as department wise class schedule.
  • In the first row of the table, the days of the week are written while in the first column semester names are written.
  • Each box of the table is filled when keeping in view the week of the day and semester is belonged to. For example, if the 2nd box of the second column will belong to semester-1. The information written in this box will represent the lecture semester-1 students are having on Monday.
  • Inside box detailed information about the lecture must be present. Such as the name of the subject, lecturer name, start and end time, and classroom name/number.

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