Free Michigan LLC Operating Agreement Form (Word / PDF)

A Michigan LLC operating agreement form is an official document used by LLC entries to track how company members/owners are running the company. The agreement highlights the mutually agreed-upon policies, ownership division, management structure, and other regulations. All these make sure that day-to-day operations are seamlessly carried out.

Furthermore, the Michigan LLC operating agreement is legally binding and have to be signed by all involved parties in order to make it valid.

Why Michigan LLC operating agreement?

Here are the reasons that why LLC members should use Michigan LLC operating agreement;

Protects the LLC status

In Michigan, any LLC operating is considered a separate entity from its owners’ assets. As a result, any legal or financial claims cannot be conveyed to the LLC members. These may include compensation lawsuits and debts.

Verbal agreements

When setting up an LLC business, agreements have to be made to represent stakeholders’ expectations. An operating agreement is an excellent place to document all the verbal agreements made between the LLC members rather than making verbal agreements and committing them to memory. Furthermore, by having written agreements, misunderstandings are minimized.

Protects agreements

In Michigan, the written agreements made between LLC members in an operating agreement are valid and legally enforceable. However, the participating parties, individuals, organizations, or other businesses must have to sign the document.

Offers flexibility

An operating agreement form makes sure that in Michigan LLC members select how to run their LLC is secured from an external influence. The members have to make decision to assign ownership, distribute funds, raise initial funding, and other management aspects.

Easy banking

This agreement is used as evidence of the legitimacy of an LLC company. When opening a business account or creditors and when applying for a loan, the document can thus be presented to banks. This document also proves how organized an LLC is an important consideration for investors.

How to form LLC operating agreement?

Here are the steps to follow;

Michigan LLC’s name

At first, obtain a unique official business name. You can do it through a name search with the Corporations Division’s database. Furthermore, the name must have to register with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Registered agent

Next, for service of process and receiving legal or government paperwork in Michigan, a registered agent should be selected. Finally, an individual or corporation/business having a residence or operating address can be assigned as a registered agent.

Select the type

The registration process of LLC should then have to follow the type of entity at hand. For instance, with the Articles of Organization, a domestic LLC (formed within Michigan) is registered.

Filling fee

Both domestic and foreign LLCs have to pay an application fee of $50.

Submit the application

The application can be submitted to the state of Michigan when the fee has been paid. You should make sure that the Articles of Organization indicates the following details;

  • The company’s name
  • Purpose
  • Duration (perpetual or specified)
  • Registered agent details
  • Date of application
  • Signature and contact details of the applicant

Operating Agreement

Next, you have to make the operating agreement for the LLC whether it can be single-member or multi-member LLC operating agreement.


The LLCs in Michigan must have an Employee Identification Number to be IRS compliant. In case of Multi-member LLCs, they must have an EIN. On the other hand, single-member LLCs require an EIN only when they have employees or want to be taxed as corporations. Business licenses, health permits and more are other applicable regulatory requirements that can be obtained at this point.

Michigan LLC Operating Agreement Form

michigan llc operating agreement form
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Free Michigan LLC Operating Agreement Template

free michigan llc operating agreement template
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Michigan Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

michigan multi member llc operating agreement
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In conclusion, a Michigan LLC operating agreement form is an internal document that plays a significant role in the management of legal issues and improves workplace interactions/relationships. The operating agreement makes sure that the company’s limited liability status is upheld.

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