Free Wisconsin LLC Operating Agreement Template (Word)

A Wisconsin LLC operating agreement template is a formal and legal document that outlines all the company’s internal policies and procedures as a guide for the smooth flow of business operations. LLC members are all LLC owners. Company members can receive tax benefits and hiring incentives by having this agreement.

What information should be included in LLC operating agreement?

The LLC operating agreement should include the following information;


LLC name

The first part of the operating agreement is the name of your LLC and it must be written in full. The name must be similar as appeared in the Articles of Organizations while forming the LLC. In the name, any abbreviations or punctuations must be well indicated.


A list of names of all members who are owners of the company should be appeared in the operating agreement. Additionally, next to their names, their addresses, capital invested, and percentage of ownership should be written. This will assist you in giving concise details of the company’s ownership.

Management structure

On the basis of the member’s decisions, the management structure mentioned in the agreement can either be member-managed or manager-managed. This means that to deal with all the management responsibilities, members can manage themselves or hire a manager. You may also like Utah LLC Operating Agreement Template.


Duties of members

In this section, the duties of managers and members should be well highlighted in order to avoid future disputes. Authority is clearly defined, and expectations are set by having this section in the agreement.

Rights and responsibilities

The agreement must clearly specify that both passive and active company members have the rights and responsibility to vote. Moreover, this leads to decision-making. It indicates that the voting process and matters need voting must be mentioned in this agreement section.

Distribution of profits and losses

In advance in the operating agreement, the division of profits and losses among members should be determined. It might be done equally or depending on the percentage of ownership and capital investment. This information must be included in this section, the case doesn’t matter. This section makes sure proper business operations. There should be specific details when it comes to cash.


Meetings schedule

There is no specific guidelines on how LLCs should handle their meetings. But, there is a requirement for scheduling and holding meetings in the operating agreement, including guidelines. That way, every member has knowledge of where, when, and why to attend a meeting. Additionally, the results of failing to attend a scheduled meeting can be mentioned here.

Buyout and Buy-Sell rules

With existing members leaving and new members joining, the members of the LLC might change. This indicates that there should be instructions on how to handle these transitions smoothly. The exit of a member should be prepared to identify their payments. On the basis of the information provided in this section, new members must know the amount they require to pay for their capital investment.

Dissolution of the LLC

In the operating agreement, there should be rules surrounding the dissolution process in case a company dissolves. For instance, for dissolution to take place, the vote might have to be unanimous from all members. Moreover, in this document, everything well-planned including how to handle the company’s pending projects and debts. Company members should keep in mind to file the Articles of Organization with the state. Also, they have to pay $20 to complete the dissolution process of the company.

Modify your agreement

Specify what will lead to modifications and how the modifications will be handled for easier transitions as an operating agreement can be changed. The agreement clearly provides guidelines on how to modify the document. You should also check Ohio LLC Operating Agreement Template.

Printable Wisconsin LLC Operating Agreement

printable wisconsin llc operating agreement
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Free Wisconsin LLC Operating Agreement Template

free wisconsin llc operating agreement template
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In conclusion, a Wisconsin LLC operating agreement template is important that protects the assets of LLC members from losses in company bankruptcy or any litigation issues. When it comes to business finances, the operating agreement proves very beneficial.

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