Free New York LLC Operating Agreement Template (Word / PDF)

An LLC structure entity use a New York LLC operating agreement template to document how a business will operate. This agreement highlights the duties, rights, and authority assigned to the members.

By state law, all New York single-member and multi-member LLCs are required to have an operating agreement. The document addresses the business structure and purpose of the LLC. It also states the operating regulations agreed by all the members.

Reasons for having operating agreement in New York:

The operating agreement allows LLC members to have independence in running their company. Therefore, in New York, LLC businesses should consider having an operating agreement in place. The members have to decide LLC’s procedures, rules, and management structure.

Furthermore, each member’s expectations can be presented through the operating agreement so that they are all in sync in regards to what they want to achieve. The New York dictates that all LLCs should have an operating agreement. This is primary reason why state LLCs should consider having this.

As per the New York Statues, an operating agreement is mandatory for all LLCs based in New York. From the company’s financial and legal obligations, an LLC is expected to safeguard its members’ limited personal liability.

What to include in a New York LLC operating agreement?

Here is a list of contents that must be included in the agreement;

LLC name

The official name of the LLC has to be declared. This is because it appears on the Articles of Organization. The term “Limited Liability Company” or its abbreviations “LLC,” must have in the name.


All the LLC members and how the ownership of the LLC has been shared among the company owners should be declared in the operating agreement. It can be divided on the basis of initial capital funding or other metrics like influence, etc.

Management structure

Every LLC adopts a management structure that are according to its requirements and objectives. Critical management individuals must be determined. Furthermore, the selected management structure have to be clearly defined.

Duties of members

Within LLC, different people will have different roles and responsibilities. Therefore, the roles and duties assigned to each member or manager should be clearly defined. In order to avoid misunderstandings and enhance accountability, the responsibilities of key people in the LLC are important to define.

Voting rights and responsibilities

Some issues in the business sometimes need a voting exercise for them to be communicated. So, for implementation and how voting will be conducted, a New York LLC operating agreement needs to state voting decisions.

Distribution of profits

There are two fundamental parts of running a business, profit and loses. They are often equally distributed among members in a multi-member LLC. To avoid conflicts in the future, the agreement should clearly state how the profits and losses are distributed among the members.

Meeting guidelines

Agreement needs to illustrate the procedure within the specific company for holding meetings. The meetings schedule and protocols also have to appear in the agreement.

Buyout and buy-sell rules

When an LLC has been formed, it isn’t rare that new members may want to join. On the other hand, some existing members may want to leave the company. For the addition or removal of members, an operating agreement should state the protocols.

Dissolution of the LLC

The operation agreement should state the procedure for dissolution. Also, the document communicate how assets and debts will be handled at the time of dissolution.

Possible modifications

It is generally inevitable to modify to an operating agreement. That’s why, the operating agreement clearly specifies the procedure in altering, removing, or adding the operating agreement’s contents.

New York LLC Operating Agreement

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Free New York LLC Operating Agreement Template

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In conclusion, a New York LLC operating agreement template is a powerful document that strengthens the company’s limited liability status. This document makes a clear distinction among the LLC and the owners and their assets.

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