Free Missouri Car Bill of Sale Form (Word / PDF)

A Missouri car bill of sale form is required when you are purchasing or selling a vehicle in the state of Missouri. It contains details regarding the car itself and the sale. When registering the car, the Missouri bill of sale is filled out by the seller and the buyer. This document will need to be notarized in some circumstances.

Requirements for registering a vehicle:

The seller is required to complete Form 1545 (Odometer Disclosure Statement) in case the vehicle being sold is under ten years of age or its weight is under 16,000 pounds. This bill of sale is needed for registration purposes. The seller of the vehicle should send it to the Department of Revenue. Furthermore, the seller also have to complete Form 5049 and send it.


Making a Missouri car bill of sale:

You can get a downloadable Missouri car bill of the sale document (1957) from the Missouri Department of Revenue. You can also make your own document and include the following key information;

  • The sellers and the buyers legal names
  • Date of creation of the document
  • Vehicle details such as make, model, year, VIN, body type, and any damages
  • The selling price of the vehicle
  • Contact information for the seller and buyer
  • The seller and the buyer signatures

Missouri Car Bill of Sale Form

missouri car bill of sale form
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Free Missouri Car Bill of Sale Form

free missouri car bill of sale form
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Missouri Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

missouri motor vehicle bill of sale form
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How to register a vehicle in Missouri?

To register a vehicle with the Department of Revenue, buyers have 30 days from the state that they bought it. Every year or every two years, registration is required to be renewed. By using the Department of Revenue’s website, renewals can be done online by mail, or face to face at your local Missouri licensing office. Your Vehicle Registration form will provide the information required to mail the documents in.

Moreover, in the state of Missouri, according to law you have to register your vehicle before you are allowed to drive it on the road. You will have to complete a Missouri Vehicle registration form in case your vehicle was registered outside of the state of Missouri. If you are registering a newly purchased vehicle first time then you have to register it in person. The gifted vehicles will be registered within 30 days of you taking possession of the vehicle. You will have 30 days in which to register the vehicle in case you are a new resident of Missouri.


Required documents

You will have to provide the following documents if you are registering your vehicle;

  • A completed Missouri Bill of Sale (Form 1975)
  • You must have a valid Missouri driver’s license
  • The Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 1545) must be completed
  • A completed Certificate of Title. Request a duplicate title from Missouri Department of Revenue in case it isn’t available.
  • A Title and License document (Form 108)
  • You will need to complete Form 5045 (Vehicle Power of Attorney) in case you are registering the vehicle for another person
  • Funds to cover the Registration fees
  • Evidence of insurance along with a recognized Missouri vehicle insurance provider.

Required fees

The buyer will need to cover the title and registration fees and tax while registering a vehicle. For titling fees is $8.50 and for registration $6.00. The current sales tax is 4.225% of the purchase amount. You may also be charged a local sales tax on the basis of where you live.

Emissions testing

You will need to have an emission test in case you live in the following areas;

  • Saint Charles
  • Franklin Saint Louis
  • Jefferson county

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