Free Idaho LLC Operating Agreement Template (Word / PDF)

An Idaho LLC operating agreement template is an internal document where members write down the company’s policies and operating standards. The company can have members or a manager in order to manage the affairs of the company. LLC operating agreement, therefore, is recommended in Idaho even though business owners are not required to have one.

LLC companies face challenges of managing business crises. In some cases, business owners take responsibility for a failed business. You can save you from the stress of running your business by having an LLC operating agreement. Moreover, your company’s structure, governance, management, daily operations, and membership are outlined by the Idaho LLC operating agreement. You may also like Wisconsin LLC operating agreement template.

Why should you make an operating agreement?

Let us discuss below the reasons of making an Idaho LLC operating agreement;

State’s recommendation

The state highly recommends it is one of the reasons you should create an Idaho LLC operating agreement. In the Idaho Statutes Section 30, 25, 105, it is outlined that all Idaho LLC should create an operating agreement. Creating an LLC operating agreement assists in controlling the operations and management of the company effectively.

Prevents conflicts

It is important to create an operating agreement for multi-member companies. Making an operating agreement will reduce conflicts in a company where more than one member participates in the management. An operating agreement identifies the membership so that all members’ interests are represented. Since the agreement outlines the responsibilities and contributions of every member so it prevents conflicts.

Preserves limited liability company status

Your business gets more credibility and validity by having an operating agreement. Additionally, as a sole business owner getting your business an LLC operating agreement will help you in preserving your limited liability status and separating your assets from company assets.

Above all, when seeking investors or funding for your business, an operating agreement is important. Before allowing you to open a business account with them, banks and other lenders often request to see this file.

Aside from financing, the operating agreement is essential and serves as the backbone of any organization. It gives detailed instructions for the daily operations of your business.

How to form an operating agreement?

Consider the following points;

Registered Agent

Idaho demands that to act as a third party for the company, all LLCs have a registered agent. The agent must be residing in Idaho.

Complete the application

There are different application methods to select from. For instance, you can either form a new company referred as Domestic LLC. Also, you can register a pre-existing company formed outside Idaho referred as Foreign LLC. Additionally, it’s up to you whether to submit your application online via mail or in person.


You need to pay a fee before you can complete the LLC filing process. You will have to pay $40 if you are filing for a domestic LLC and a fee of $90 if you are filing for a foreign LLC.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is drafted by the business owners. This will assist in giving clarifications on the separation among company assets and the personal earnings of the ownership. In the state of Idaho, you are not under any legal obligations to file this document. However, you have to draft to one in order to assist you to organize the structure of your LLC’s internal affairs.


You must apply for an Employer Identification Number after filing for an LLC so that the Internal Revenue Service can supervise the financial activity of the company. The company will pay employees and get loans legally after the successful application of the EIN. You should also check Utah LLC operating agreement template.

Free Idaho LLC Operating Agreement Template

free Idaho LLC operating agreement template
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Idaho LLC Operating Agreement Template

Idaho LLC operating agreement template
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In conclusion, Idaho LLC operating agreement template is a formal document that specifies the operating procedures, management, and capital distribution. The document will be presented to protect members of the company in case of litigation, bankruptcy, or any other finical problems or failure of the business.

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