Professional Workout Template Format Excel, Word And PDF

Professional workout template format excel, word and pdf, is a complete schedule sheet for the Gyms and much physical training center likes where karate yoga and many other physical activities are trained by means of training, as it is clearly not a single person is doing exercise in fitness center many people have different time priorities to join a gym to make them self-fit and healthy physically, as they are physically fit and sound than it has a direct impact on your mentally fitness, strength, sharpness &, etc. so to keep everyone track, his name day of exercise, what is his goal of fitness, either he wants to be fit, want a hunk type physique, slim and trim six-pack abs, etc.

My Workout Schedule Template PDF

my workout schedule template
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Gym goals are varying from person to person. In this sheet, his exercise days are scheduled, his weight, reps, type of exercise, the machine on which he is struggling to get his shape everything is described accordingly by the coach or your trainer. Many schedules also have made their dietary plan. The benefit of this template is that every person is under the supervision and tracking of Gym trainer which is also beneficial for the person to whom training is giving. You may also like Biggest Loser Spreadsheet.

Personal Workout Plan Schedule Template

personal workout plan schedule template
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Advantages Associated with Workout Template

Following are the benefits of this workout template:

  1. Scheduled training plan.
  2. Goal setting is the major priority.
  3. Person exercise tracking system.
  4. It also motivates the person who joins the gym because when a person joins the fitness center he sets the goal, through this, he observes and motivates that he is doing exercise on a daily basis.
  5. Effective and approachable.
  6. Calorie intake will vary from person, which increases person morale about fitness.
  7. Adaptation is very cheap and use is easy.

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Weekly Workout Menu Schedule Template

weekly workout Menu schedule template
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How To Use Workout Template?

  1. Name of the trainee.
  2. Fitness goal.
  3. Dates of exercise.
  4. Sleep, calories, time.
  5. Notes.
  6. Names of exercises (legs, chest, bicep, triceps, back, shoulders, abs, etc.)
  7. The number of sets and reps of the particular exercise.
  8. Cardio Exercise (time, distribution of exercise, & intensity of heartbeat).

Workout Schedule Template Format Word (Doc)

workout schedule template
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Name of trainee:

As defined different people have different times to exercise and fitness centers have many customers so it is a 1 person whole information sheet which helps to track individual performance in Gym. You should also check Weight Loss Tracker Spreadsheet.

Fitness Goal:

Different people have different fitness goals like someone wants to lose his weight, others like u slim cutting and trim physique, be like a hunk, or to ready for the competition.

Dates & Days of exercise:

This component helps to indicate how many days in week and days in a month he workout.

excel workout template
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Sleep, calories, time:

Under it sleep timings of the trainee, his daily calorie intake which clearly defines his goals of workout and timing of the workout is specified.


Almost all other important information should be written on it like a holiday due to injury.

Name of exercise, sets, rep:

Legs, shoulders, bicep, triceps, back, chest these are names of exercise normally everyone is familiar with it their reps sets are also written to track workout progress.

Upper-Body Excel Template Free Download


A fat-burning exercise helps to gain or achieve trainee goal.
In short, it is very important to use a professional workout template and Gym Workout Plan Spreadsheet because of its efficient global use.

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