notarized letter of permission

Free Notarized Letter Templates (Word, PDF)


A notarized letter template is a document that has been marked with a seal or an official stamp. It clarifies that the signature of the person on the document is […]

communications director cover letter sample

Communications Director Cover Letters (Samples & Examples)


The communications director cover letter is a type of letter that contains your most relevant communications director’s qualifications in order to inform the recruiter how relevant you are for the […]

free concierge cover letter

Free Concierge Cover Letters (Samples & Examples)


You have to write a concierge cover letter when looking for a job as a concierge. This letter increases your chances of success. The requirements listed in the job description […]

free art teacher cover letter

Free Art Teacher Cover Letters & Samples (MS Word)


An art teacher cover letter is a formal document that highlights the most striking information that why you are looking to become an art teacher. It includes the candidate’s qualifications […]

free business recommendation letter

Free Business Recommendation Letter (Word, PDF)


A business recommendation letter is a formal document used as a recommendation of an individual who wants to get into a given business industry. It is usually referred as business […]

letter of reprimand for employee performance

Letter of Reprimand for Employee Performance [MS Word]

Human Resources (HR) Templatesexceltmp0

Letter of reprimand for employee performance is written for disciplinary action and in serious cases like termination. This letter states the employee’s performance, the issues, and consequences the employee must […]

permission letter to use a place

Permission Letter to Use a Place (Samples & Examples)


A permission letter to use a place is written when you need legal authorization to hold the keys for a venue that maybe eventually used for hosting events. This letter […]

free root cause analysis template

Root Cause Analysis Template [Excel, Word]


A root cause analysis template is a document used by companies to conduct root cause analysis. A root cause analysis is performed when a problem has occurred. A root cause […]

job interview evaluation form

Free Interview Evaluation Forms & Templates

Human Resources (HR) Templatesexceltmp0

An interview evaluation form is an effective tool to compare the performance between applicants. It allows you to objectively assess staff for promotion or conduct recruits. An interview is basically […]

free personal service contract template

Personal Service Contract Template [Word, PDF]


A personal service contract template is a legal contract that describes the working relationship between two parties i.e. a client (an individual or a company) and a service provider. This […]