meeting decision log template

Free Decision Log Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]


A decision log template is a formal document used to create valuable information and to make record of decisions about the meeting. In the meeting, for discussing a certain project, […]

police officer resignation letter

Free Police Officer Resignation Letter Template [Word, PDF]


When the time comes in police officer life to leave the force then he has to resign in dignity by creating a professional police officer resignation letter template. It is […]

free tenant rejection letter sample

100% Free Tenant Rejection Letter Templates [Word, PDF]


A tenant rejection letter template is a formal document sent by the landlord or property manager. This letter informs the tenants for residential housing that their application was rejected. A […]

employee reprimand form

Free Employee Reprimand Form Templates [Letters & Samples]

Human Resources (HR) Templatesexceltmp0

An employee reprimand form is issued by a supervisor and manager to the employee. When employee involves in misconduct, the company has to take disciplinary action against him. Due to […]

printable tenant information update form

Free Tenant Information Update Forms [PDF]


A tenant information update form is a document used to keep the database of tenants up-to-date. Landlords will need to regularly get this document signed by the tenants occupying properties. […]

school library budget template

Printable School Budget Template [Excel, Word, PDF]

Budget Templatesexceltmp0

A school budget template is a document used to create a school budget in an organized way. It helps to keep a track record of school funds. It estimates the […]

children traveling abroad consent form

Printable Child Travel Consent Form (Word, PDF)


A child travel consent form is a formal document that allows minors to travel without having both of their parents present. It is used to grant permission for a minor […]

letter of permission to use property

Permission Letter to Use Property (Samples & Examples)


A permission letter to use property is a formal letter used to take permission from a property owner to allow someone to release his piece of property for use to […]

introduction emails to new clients

Professional Introduction Emails to New Clients (Examples & Templates)


An introduction emails to new clients is sent to introduce yourself professionally. It is the part of marketing strategy to introduce your business to new clients. These introduction emails help […]

bank staff accountant resume template

Free Accountant Resume Template (Word | PDF)

Personal Templateexceltmp0

An accountant resume template is a document used by someone to make a resume related to accounting. He/she makes an accountant resume for taking the position of accountant in the […]