Free Cover Letter for Internship (Word, PDF)

A cover letter for internship is a document that highlights your skills, qualifications, and experiences for the internship position. This letter allows you to indicate your goals, ambitions, and passion for the job. It should be written thoughtfully so that it meets its objectives. The main purpose of this letter is to get an interview with the employer.

Furthermore, this cover letter advertises your professional skills and achievements to the employer. This enhances your chances of getting a position for an internship. Your main aim is to develop interest in your employer to read your resume.

How to write a cover letter for internship?

A well-written cover letter should include the following information;

Pay attention on the concerned role and company

Your cover letter should pay attention on the role and company you are applying for. This letter assists you in indicating the employer that the letter has been composed specifically for his/her company. It also assists you provide information tailored as stated in the job posting.

Address the manager by their name

You have to make sure that your cover letter addresses the hiring manager by his/her name. This makes you able to explain your seriousness regarding the position and your resourcefulness. You can obtain the name of hiring manager via company website, Google Search, etc.

Use the right keywords to grab attention

It’s a fact that hiring manager receives various applications. Therefore, you have to ensure that you use specific keywords that the hiring manager may be looking for. You can get these keywords from the job description of the internship advertisement. You should use the keywords that will catch the attention of the hiring manager.

Show ambition

Your cover letter for internship shows your ambition for the job. Moreover, employers are attracted to applicants with ambition. This is because it explains their drive and enthusiasm to do the job. So, you must explain your desire to advance and accomplish set goals.

Include relevant coursework/projects

If you don’t have little to no work experience then includes coursework, projects, or classes relevant to the job description. Important academic achievements can compensate due to the lack of experience. You should make sure that the coursework, project, or classes are relevant.

Emphasize relevant skills with passion

Explain your skills relevant to the position you are applying for. The skills gained from volunteering for other jobs or projects also mention them. The mentioned skills should be beneficial to the company. You should explain how you can use them when you occupy the position.

Demonstrate why you consider yourself a good fit for the role

Identify your primary qualifications that an employer is searching for and mention in job posting. Then, state that why you believe you are suitable for the position. In the end, you have your unique attributes relevant to the role in the job description.

Aim of the internship

In the cover letter, state what you aim to obtain by interning in the company. This must contain skills, experience, or relationships that you want to do while interning in the company. This assists you in explaining that you are goal-oriented. You may also like Communications Director Cover Letter.

Printable Cover Letter for an Internship

printable cover letter for internship
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Writing a Cover Letter for an Internship

writing a cover letter for an internship
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Cover Letter for Internship with No Experience

cover letter for internship with no experience
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Sample Cover Letter for Internship

sample cover letter for internship
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Free Cover Letter for Internship

free cover letter for internship
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Format of cover letter for internship:

  • You have to follow the business letter format. At the top of the letter, include the employer’s name and address and a salutation.
  • Your cover letter should be unique that stands out. The body of the letter should consist of 4 paragraphs that contain an introduction of you, skills and accomplishments, why you consider yourself befitting, and call to action.
  • You should prioritize your academic and extra circular experience.
  • In the end, proofread your letter.


In conclusion, a cover letter for internship is a formal letter encourages the employer to consider you for the internship position. So, you should avoid anything that can reduce your chances of acquiring the position. This letter also strengths your weak resume.

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