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bank staff accountant resume template

Free Accountant Resume Template (Word | PDF)


An accountant resume template is a document used by someone to make a resume related to accounting. He/she makes an accountant resume for taking the position of accountant in the […]

church resignation letter template

Free Printable Church Resignation Letter Templates (Word, PDF)


A church resignation letter is a written document that indicates your resignation from a current position within a religious organization. Typically, this letter informs the church about your exit. The […]

printable baptism certificate template

Free Baptism Certificate Template Word & PDF (Samples and Examples)


A baptism certificate is a paper transcript that contains information about an individual getting baptized. Usually, it states the information of time and place. With the help of the baptism […]

sample volunteer certificate template

Printable Volunteering Certificate Template Free [Word]


The volunteering certificate template helps an organization to award volunteering certificates to their employees more effectively. The organization gives these certificates to their employees for the hours they have rendered. […]

sample adoption reference letter

Free Adoption Reference Letter Word & PDF (Samples & Examples)


An adoption reference letter is for the people who want to adopt a child from an orphanage or adoption house. This letter is written by an adoption house from where […]

vehicle damage inspection form

Printable Vehicle Inspection Form Template (Word, PDF)


A vehicle inspection form template is used to keep a track of a vehicle’s working condition and any damage or loss that it may have received. It is used by […]

request letter for rent reduction due to COVID-19

Request letter for rent reduction due to COVID-19 (Word, PDF)


A request letter for rent reduction due to COVID-19 helps the tenants to get a reduction in the rental amount from their landlords. As we known outbreak of coronavirus has […]

age appropriate family chore chart template

Free Chore Chart Template for Kids (Excel, Word, PDF)


A chore chart template should be used by parents to explain in detail household assignments. Most importantly, it reminds you of the duties that you have to do daily. Different […]

cookbook recipe cards template

Free Printable Cookbook Recipe Template


The cookbook recipe template is a guide for writing out multiple recipes. It is changeable for different dishes. The main goal of the recipe cookbook template is to share one […]

happy holidays gift certificate template

Free Printable Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Word, PDF)


Holidays are the best time to offer gift certificates to customers. This is because it is that time when buying new things season is at its peak. However, every business […]