Printable New York Vehicle Bill of Sale Form MV-912 (PDF)


You will need to have a New York vehicle bill of sale form while purchasing a vehicle in the state of New York through a private sale. This document is also referred as Form MV-912. This bill of sale serves as legal evidence of the sale containing information about the vehicle and the sale. It is required when registering and titling a vehicle.

Other requirements:

Both the buyer and the seller must sign the document for a New York vehicle bill of sale form to be legal. It also requires to be notarized. You will need to have an up-to-date Form MV-103 or Odometer Disclosure form for vehicles that weigh less than 16,000 pounds or are less than ten years old.


Moreover, you will need to complete a Vehicle Power of Attorney Form MV-03.1 in case you are having someone else register and title the vehicle for you. You may also like the Mississippi Car Bill of Sale Form.

In case, the vehicle has been bought from a dealership then they will require to give you Form MV-50. You will need Form MV-99 (Certificate of Title) for vehicles sold in a private sale.

How to make a New York vehicle bill of sale?

When you are making your own New York vehicle bill of sale, you have to include the following details;

  • Date of sale
  • The seller and buyer full legal names
  • The vehicle details including VIN, year, make, and model
  • The purchasing amount of the vehicle
  • Particular conditions like partial payments
  • The buyer and the seller complete legal address
  • The buyer and the seller signatures
  • Notarization, if required

How to register a vehicle in New York?

In the state of New York, you are required to have the registered and titled first to legally drive a vehicle on public roads. Within 180 days of the date of sale or the effective date stated on their vehicle insurance policy, registration must be made.

New York Vehicle Bill of Sale Form MV-912

New York vehicle bill of sale form MV 912
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New York Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

New York vehicle bill of sale form
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Where to register a vehicle in New York?

You can consider the following different means to register your vehicle in New York;

Online and In-person

Some New York Counties will allow you to register online for first-time vehicle registration. In case of in-person registration, you have to make an appointment with your local DMV office. The vehicle registration renewal can be done online. You should also check the Kentucky Vehicle Bill of Sale Form.

By mail

By mail, you can also renew your registration. You will be sent a renewal notice (Form MV-3) when your registration is getting close to its expiry date. With payment made out to “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles” for the appropriate amount, you can fill this out and return it. You may download Form MV-82 (Vehicle Registration and Title Application) in case you have not been sent Form MV-3.

Required documents

You will need to have the following documents while registering your vehicle;

  • Current and valid driver’s license
  • The New York Bill of Sale (Form MV-912) has been signed and notarized
  • Completed Form MV-82 (Vehicle Registration/Title Application)
  • Completed Form MV-103 (Odometer Disclosure)
  • Vehicle Certificate of Title. You may apply for a replacement title (Form 902) in case original was lost.
  • Form DTF-802 (Sales Tax Form). This will be required to calculate tax fees. Also, it is used when a vehicle has been provided as a gift.
  • Funds to cover registration fees
  • Vehicle Proof of Insurance as well as recognized New York insurance provider. You should make sure that your policy has the minimum needs
  • Form MV-931 (Vehicle Power of Attorney). If someone else is registering and titling the vehicle for you, this form will be needed.

Registration fees


When registering a vehicle, the amount you will pay depend on area you reside in and how much the vehicle weighs. The fees will usually include the following while calculating registration fees for first-time registrations; You may also see the New Jersey Vehicle Bill of Sale Form.

  • Sales Tax
  • Fee for tile certificate
  • Registration/Vehicle plate transfer fee
  • Vehicle use tax
  • Registration fees

Vehicle inspections and emissions testing

You will need to have a vehicle inspection dome before you can register your vehicle. This can be done at any DMV-licensed inspection station. It has to be done annually. On the NY DMV website, you can review the inspection requirements.

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