Free Nanny Contract Templates & Samples (Word, PDF)

A nanny contract template is an agreement that enables the parents to hire an individual to take care of their children or toddlers in exchange for payment. This individual is known as nanny. This is usually the case with toddlers. However, it isn’t unusual to keep a nanny for kids up to 8 years of age. The nanny is considered an independent contractor for contractual purposes.

What exactly does a nanny do?

When parents are particularly busy, a nanny is in charge of caring their younger children. This includes the;

  • attending to their basic needs
  • supervision
  • providing meals
  • a pick-up and drop-off service

Moreover, nannies are almost always paid an hourly rate to do these tasks. They may also ask to perform certain daily household tasks. There are two types of nannies that parents may select from;

  1. Live-in nannies: As their name implies, they live with the children for extended periods of time.
  2. A normal nanny: They follow an agreed-upon schedule and serve their services by following the said schedule.

A nanny isn’t similar to a babysitter because they don’t just offer temporary supervision. They may be more appealing to parents as they tend to all the needs of the children.

Things to perform before finalizing a nanny contract:

At first, the parents should find the nanny that they feel comfortable leaving their children with. For this, they should depend on word-of-mouth. They can also take referrals directly from trusted members in their social circle. If that fails, then while offering a fair amount of protection, there are various online resources that can assist set them up with a nanny.

The online platforms typically do background checks to assist the parents at ease. Many online platforms conduct interviews with the nannies to judge for fit. This way, they also try to connect them with the appropriate families. In the end, before embarking on a working relationship, it is highly suggested that the parents themselves conduct a precise interview with the nanny.

In the United States, a nanny typically costs $19/hour. This rate is generally higher in urban and metropolitan areas. On the other hand, the countryside and more rural areas generally offer cheaper rates. Furthermore, parents should negotiate the following before setting up and drafting the nanny contract,

  • their rates
  • fixing up a schedule
  • conduct their own background

Free Nanny Contract Template

free nanny contract template
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Nanny Contract for Services

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Nanny Contract Template Word Doc

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Official Nanny Contract Template

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Drafting a nanny contract:

Before drafting the contract, the following particulars will have to be identified;

  • Nanny’s wages
  • A working schedule
  • Responsibilities
  • Discouraged activity
  • Benefits
  • Transportation or reimbursement
  • Right to terminate

After identifying the aforementioned particulars, the parents can start drafting the letter. You can also download a template online and then modify them according to your need. You may also like Personal Service Contract Template.


In conclusion, a nanny contract template is a tool used by the parents to make an agreement when they need a nanny for their children. The contract can be made for an extended period of time or on an on-demand basis.

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