Free Decision Log Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

A decision log template is a formal document used to create valuable information and to make record of decisions about the meeting. In the meeting, for discussing a certain project, it serves as communication tool which explains about the opinions for all members. Moreover, this document contains guidance for all members which eliminates the confusion and related aspects.

What to include in the decision log?

Usually, it includes;

  • Description of decision,
  • Source,
  • Owner,
  • Impact,
  • Priority,
  • Decision date,
  • Status
  • Record of decision

The decision log template also assists to prepare a record of decision items. Also, it is used to track and monitor all types of circumstances. You may also like Service Log Template.

Purpose of decision log:

The main purpose of this document is to keep track of all decision which was discussed and submitted by the chair person of the meeting. All the decisions made in the meeting are implemented by the manager and team. These decisions prevent from any obligation, for increasing sale, and productivity of any business. Additionally, it is used to prepare strategy for accomplish goals when large scale industries start new project. A decision log also contains all the key points that are going to be discussed in the meeting.

Different types of decision log templates:

Below are some different types of decision log templates;

Decision log sheet template:

It gives information on the guidelines. It also contains principles of the employee retirement system of a specific place.

decision log sheet template
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Key decision log template:

This type of decision log template has information on different factors that are important in the decision-making. It contains titles such as; You should also check Key Log Template.

  • Who, date, and time
  • Key decision
  • Associated risk
  • Alternatives considered,
  • A rationale for the decision,
  • Cost short term,
  • Implications long term,
  • AA/IC Concurrence.
key decision log template
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Word (doc, docx)
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Business decision log template:

As its name implies, it is used by businesses in order to make decisions. It includes titles such as source, owner, status, decision date, etc.

business decision log template
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Excel (xls, xlsx)
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Meeting decision log template:

This particular type of template is used in meetings which can helps with the decision making. The titles it contains are team, board, attend, action register, decision logo, parking lot, and many more.

meeting decision log template
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Size: (84 KB)

Action decision log template:

The action decision log has titles like a decision, when, who has to be told, and task completed.

action decision log template
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Word (doc, docx)
Size: (333 KB)

SFRs board meeting decision log template:

It has information on the relationships with local authorities. It includes different items, review dates, decisions, and much more. Also, it helps in process of the decision making. You may also see Logistics Tracking Template.

sfrs board meeting decision log template
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Size: (150 KB)

Project decision log template:

This type of decision log also helps in the decision making process and relevant to issue tracking log. It contains title like;

  • Decision ID,
  • Alternatives,
  • Decision date,
  • Decision statement,
  • Decision rationale,
  • Venue
project decision log template
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (53 KB)

Importance of decision log template:

Nowadays, people are so busy that they don’t have enough time to prepare the document. Therefore, they look for another source which helps them according to their need. A decision log template is a helpful source for developing any document within the shortest possible time. It serves as a key element and has sufficient space for creating all information on particular place.


In conclusion, a decision log template is a beneficial communication tool that helps in decision making process. It keeps track of different decisions on business meetings. This document is designed by trained and expert professionals. You can download them from any website and customize them according to your requirement.

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