Free New Hampshire LLC Operating Agreement Templates (Word)


A New Hampshire LLC operating agreement template is a legal document that outlines the terms of operation of an LLC. By legally separating members of an LLC from the business, it assists in protecting personal assets. Furthermore, the operating agreement also highlights the following;

  • All members of the LLC rights and responsibilities
  • Explain in detail its management structure
  • Sets out the company’s mode of operations

The benefits of LLC operating agreement:

The New Hampshire LLC operating agreement helps LLCs in the following ways;

Legitimize the business


An operating agreement provides a sense of legitimacy to a business. A third party provides the guarantee that the business has a well-developed structure and is being run with a level of professionalism. You may also like Tennessee LLC Operating Agreement Template.

Recommended by state

Members of an LLC in New Hampshire creates and implements an Operating Agreement according to section 304-C: 16 of the New Hampshire state code. According to the statute, for the management of the internal affairs of a company, it is suggested as a tool.

Protection to LL status

This agreement serves to preserve and secures a company’s limited liability status. It assists in separating a business entity from its owner by making sure that all legal claims are limited to the extent of the company’s assets as well as they don’t extend to the assets of the owner.

Written verbal agreements

To misunderstandings and incorrect recollections, oral agreements are often prone. Therefore, written agreements such as operating agreements are important. It keeps record of all terms of operation of the business and when the need arises, it allows for easy reference.

Conflict prevention

An LLC Operating Agreement specifies the roles, obligations, and entitlements of every LLC member. Any future dispute that might arise about the standing of any member, this helps to prevent them.

How to form an LLC?

Here are the steps to involve in the formation of an LLC in New Hampshire;

Find registered agent

For service of process in the state, New Hampshire law needs that every LLC have a registered agent. A person or business entity is basically the agent that accept legal documents and state filings on the LLC’s behalf. The agent must depend on New Hampshire. Also, the agent possess authorization to do business in the state. You should also check Colorado LLC Operating Agreement Template.

Type of LLC

The category of LLC that requires to be made will let the type of filing to submit to the state. Under Domestic LLC or Foreign LLC, the filing for an LLC can fall. An LLC formed within the state is referred as a Domestic LLC. On the other hand, a Foreign LLC is a pre-existing one that is trying to expand into New Hampshire.

Complete the application


When forming an LLC in New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Articles of Organization is an important requirement that a business file with the Secretary of State. The name and address of the LLC, each member of the LLC, and the registered agent appointed by the LLC must be stated by it.

Submit the file

A check for $100 is contained by the application payable to the New Hampshire Secretary of State. Also, by mail, the Articles of Organization should be sent.

Operating agreement

It is highly suggested that after submitting the file an LLC Operating Agreement be put in place to govern the internal affairs and management of the LLC. It assists in putting things in order and outlines the provisions that will govern the operations of the LLC.



To obtain an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN), the law needs a Multi-Member LLC in New Hampshire whether the LLC has employees or not. You may also see Georgia LLC operating Agreement Templates.

New Hampshire LLC Operating Agreement

New Hampshire llc operating agreement
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Free New Hampshire LLC Operating Agreement Template

free New Hampshire llc operating agreement template
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In conclusion, a New Hampshire LLC operating agreement template is an internal legal document that specifies the rights and responsibilities of all members of the LLC and terms of operation of an LLC.


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