Printable Tenant Estoppel Certificate Form (Word / PDF)

A tenant estoppel certificate form is received from your landlord while renting a property. The term estoppel refers to stop or prevent. In law, it is a principal that works to stop a person from disagreeing with something they previously stated. It prevents people from any inconsistencies in another person’s words.

What is a tenant estoppel certificate form?

A tenant estoppel certificate is a document used in a real estate. It makes sure lease details between a tenant and landlord and the relationship between the two. It indicates that all of the agreement’s facts are true. It should contain the signatures of both the tenant and landlord. Moreover, this document provides information about the rights of the tenant and works to give accurate facts about the lease.

Before making the decision to lend money for commercial and residential property, it is a document that is typically required by a lender. You may also like tenant ledger templates.

What to include in a tenant estoppel certificate?

The tenant estoppel certificate form should contain the following key points;

  • The start date of the lease
  • The date that rent is paid
  • You have to state that either there are any defaults by the landlord or the tenant. If there are, then you must include the details of the defaults.
  • It should confirm that the lease is still in effect and it has not been changed. If there have been changes, include a statement that verifies the modifications.

How do you write a tenant estoppel certificate?

Here are the steps to write a tenant estoppel certificate;

Provide information about the lease, property, and parties involved:

At first, write the date that when you are preparing the document. Include details about the lease like either it is a fixed or month-to-month agreement. Then, you have to provide the full address of the property being leased as well as any unit numbers. Also, write the complete name of both the landlord and the tenant.

Relevant agreements:

In this section, you need to provide details the lease has been modified or sublet. Also, you must provide relevant dates and details. The tenet has to indicate that whether the lease is still active or not.

Lease details:

The details of the lease include the following;

  • State whether the lease is a fixed-term or month to month agreement
  • Give the date that the lease agreement commenced
  • How long the agreement is in effect for
  • The termination date of the lease
  • Write the payment details like the exact amount paid and how often
  • Additional fees that the tenant has to pay other than the rent
  • Provide the full date of the last rental payment made and any rent payments that were made in advance
  • Security deposit


Any provisions that have to be met such as;

  • At the address of the leased property, whether the landlord has any personal property. You should provide details that what this is and whether the tenant has possession of it.
  • The tenant has provided the right to purchase the property being leased
  • Any pending repair issues that need to be addressed. Check whether the landlord maintains the property well
  • Either there have been any violations to the lease agreement. If there, then whether or not these have been corrected.


In the last part of the certificate, the tenant must sign and date the document in the presence of a notary public. The tenant should only sign if he has been agreed with all the details mentioned in the document. You may also see the tenant information update form.

Free Printable Tenant Estoppel Form

free printable tenant estoppel form
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Association of Realtors Tenant Estoppel Certificate Form

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Commercial Tenant Estoppel Certificate Form

commercial tenant estoppel certificate form
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Tenant Estoppel Certificate Form

tenant estoppel certificate form
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In conclusion, a tenant estoppel certificate form protects landlords, tenants, and potential buyers. The certificate must be signed by a tenant in the presence of a legitimate notary public. The document should not more than a page or two. It should be written clearly so that there is no confusion.

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