Printable New Jersey Vehicle Bill of Sale Form (Word / PDF)

In the state of New Jersey, when selling or buying a vehicle, you will need to have a New Jersey vehicle bill of sale form. This document serves as legal documentation that proves a legal sale has taken place. When registering the vehicle at New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission, it will also be required by the buyer. The bill of sale should keep relevant details about the vehicle and the sale.

How to make a New Jersey vehicle bill of sale form?

You will need to make your own bill of sale or download a template as the state of New Jersey doesn’t offer its own bill of sale document. You must include the following details in your bill of sale for NJ;

  • The date of sale
  • The buyer and the seller complete legal names, address, and contact details
  • The selling price of vehicle
  • The payment schedule
  • The details of the vehicle such as the VIN, year, make, body type, and condition of the vehicle
  • The place of sale
  • An exact odometer reading
  • Any vehicle disclosures
  • As-is provisions

How to register a vehicle in New Jersey?

You are required to have the vehicle registered and titled in order to legally operate a vehicle on public roads in New Jersey. The seller must remove the plates on the vehicle and return them to the NJ MVC upon sale and transfer of ownership of the vehicle. The seller will also require to sign the back of the title before providing it to the buyer.

Where to register your vehicle in New Jersey?

To register your vehicle with the NJMVC, you as a new vehicle owner have 60 days from the time of sale. You will have to register a vehicle for the first time in person at your local Motor Vehicle Commission center to apply for new registration. Walk-ins are not accepted so it must be done by appointment.

In New Jersey, vehicle registration must be renewed annually. It can be done in-person, by mail, or online. By using the NJMVC online process, those who qualify for renewal online must do so. Furthermore, you have to make sure to review the list of eligible codes for online renewal. Remember that renewal is a same-day process. This means that your registration renewal is immediately effective once the renewal process has been completed. You will need to register your vehicle in person at your nearest in case you are not eligible for online renewal. You should also check the Nevada car bill of sale form.

Renewing by Mail

You will be sent a renewal letter by the NJMVC when your vehicle renewal expiration is nearing. You will have to complete both the front and back of this document. To mail the renewal document and payment to the address listed on the return envelope, use the provided envelope.

The required documents

You have to provide the following documents for registering your vehicle;

  • A completed bill of sale for New Jersey
  • A valid and existing Driver’s license
  • Form OS/SS UTA (odometer discloser)
  • The vehicle certificate of title. You will have to apply for a replacement at the NJMVC using form OS/SS-UTA in case this has been lost.
  • A completed Form BA-49
  • Complete form LOA-1 in case you are having someone register the vehicle for you
  • Funds to cover your Registration fees
  • Evidence of vehicle insurance by having minimum requirements
  • You will need Form ISM SS-7 if you are transferring ownership of a vehicle from another state

Printable New Jersey Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

new jersey vehicle bill of sale form
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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

new jersey motor vehicle bill of sale form
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Emissions testing in New Jersey

Some vehicles are required to have an emissions test every two years in the state of New Jersey. This includes the following;

  • Vehicles having weight of 8,500 pounds of lower and the model year of 1996 or newer
  • Diesel vehicles have the model year of 1997 and newer and are considered to be light-duty (8,500 pounds or under).

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