Free Consultant Invoice Template (Excel, Word, PDF)

A consultant invoice template is a fill-in-the-blank document that fulfills your all needs. It’s up to you how to layout different fields. However, you can use different formats for various services rather than using a long list of each invoice. It enables you to configure every document as you want. Furthermore, this template contains the following components;

  • Company’s name
  • Company’s logo
  • Address
  • Contact details

What is a consultant invoice?

A consultant invoice is a document that the consultant gives the client to makes sure that payments are if full and prompt. Moreover, the consultant invoice contains the consultancy explanation, the number of visits and sessions, and the due date of the payment. You may also like the Taxi Invoice Template.

How do you make an effective consultant invoice?

Here are some steps that will help you in making an effective consultant invoice;


At first, put the consultant company logo at the top of the document. This is the first part of the consultant invoice.


Next, provide the company details. Company details include the company’s name and contact information. You have to provide all these details just below the company logo.


After that, the third part includes the invoice number, the date when the invoice has created, and the due date of payment. It is also located at the top of the document.


In this step, provide the client details such as the client’s name, phone number, and E-mail address.


It includes the body part of the invoice. Here you have to thoroughly explain the consultant services along with the consultant role. Moreover, discuss the itemized list of services offered by the consultant along with the payable amount for each service. It’s up to you how to take a bill either per hour or per service.

Then, to get the total payable amount to discuss subtotal of the itemized list, discounts, pre-payments, and taxes if any.


In the end, likewise any other standard invoice this invoice also has certain terms and conditions that governs the contract. These terms and conditions include the contract period, method of payment, etc. This is usually the last part of the invoice. You should also check the Car Sale Invoice Template.

Consultant Invoice Template Excel

consultant invoice template excel
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Excel (xls, xlsx)
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Consultant Service Request Invoice Template

consultant service request invoice template
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Corporate Consulting Invoice Template

corporate consulting invoice template
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Free Consulting Invoice Template for Word

free consulting invoice template for word
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Printable Consultant Invoice Form

printable consultant invoice form
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Professional Design Consultant Invoice Template

professional design consultant invoice template
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Sample Consulting Invoice Template

sample consulting invoice template
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Word (doc, docx)
Size: (37 KB)

Security Consultant Membership Invoice Template

security consultant membership invoice template
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Size: (1797 KB)

What are the different types of consultant invoices?

Consultants can select different types of invoices that work best for their business. Let us discuss different types of invoice;

Standard invoice: This type of invoice includes the simple bill of the services that consultants provide to the clients.

Timesheet invoice: Consultants often bill clients per hour. So, a timesheet invoice helps in tracking billable hours for every job. This type contains the number of hours worked and the hourly pay rate. You may also see the Tax Invoice Template.

Expense report: Consultants require this report for billing those expenses that they experience during working on-site with clients.

Recurring invoice: If the consultants do the same work for the client each billing cycle then they have to create a recurring invoice.

In addition, other types of consultant invoices are interim invoice and final invoice.

In conclusion, the consultant invoice template helps the company to grow without any interruption in the billing.

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