WBS Project Management Template XLS

The WBS project management template provides the structural view in the project. It is the very essential tool for the planning and to executing the project. Use the WBS to define the work for the project and to develop project schedule. It can be use to additional fields in the MS Project to provide the more detailed information on the each component of the WBS – then export the dictionary directly from the Project. It provides the good set of the WBS examples. Whether you are the new to project management and the working on your PMP certification, and been doing project management for the many years, you are sure to find the helpful in the projects.


  1. breaks project down it into manageable components
  2. includes list view of the work breakdown structure
  3. includes the diagram of work breakdown structure
  4. saves time on the formatting
  5. easy-to- use the Excel format

According to project management the body of the knowledge the work breakdown structure is the decomposition of the total scope of the work to be carried out by the project team to the accomplish project objectives and to create required deliverables. In tree structure of the WBS, project deliverable s and activities are broken down in manageable parts, making it very easier to the estimate required resources and the costs, create the realistic schedule, and the control each stage of the project. Work breakdown structure is the especially useful for the bigger projects that involve in the many elements.

WBS Project Management Template

To save the time and to facilitate of process for creating the work breakdown structure, we have compiled the several templates that are free to download. With the preformatted structure of the template, you can easily streamline the decomposition process and to ensure that all the necessary details are included. A template provides the foundation to work from that can easily be modified to simply suit the needs of the project. In addition offering to Microsoft word and the Excel templates below, Smart sheet is allows you to create the customized work breakdown structure excel template with enhanced the collaboration features for the better efficiency and the team communication.

The WBS breaks down the data, services, the product, and all three depending on type and the scope of the project. It can be oriented around the deliverables, and to break down the project phases and to milestones for the process-centered approach. The process of subdividing the project into smaller components is called the decomposition. The decomposition can be completed by an entire project team as a group effort to ensure a comprehensive WBS. This will give all the team members to broad understanding of project, improving communication, efficiency, and the accountability.

WBS Project Management Exce Template Free Download

The number of the levels required for the WBS Project Management Template XLS will be depend on the characteristics of the project, but the levels must be sufficient to meet the project manager’s needs for the accurate estimating and the effective project monitoring. In the similar vein, the level of the detail will vary, but one the option is to follow the 8/80 rule, which means that lowest level of the work should require between the eight and 80 hours. Based on this rule, if the work package takes more than the 80 hours, it needs to be the decomposed further.

Blank WBS Project Management Sample Template

WBS Project Management Excel Template View & Free Download

Download: WBS Project Management Template

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