Free Interview Appointment Letter Templates (Word / PDF)

An interview appointment letter is written to transfer information between an interviewer and an interviewee. There are different circumstances under which the appointment letter is written. The interviewer may write the letter to inform the respondent when an interview has been rescheduled. He can also write the appointment letter to acknowledge respondent’s application for a job.

On the other hand, the respondent write the appointment letter to the interviewer for the following reasons;

  • To request that the interview is rescheduled
  • To decline the interview invitation
  • To inquire for more information regarding the interview

Different types of interview appointment letters:

There are several types of interview appointment letters so let us discuss them below;

Interview appointment letter of cancellation

An interviewee writes this letter to the interviewer in order to describe an inconvenience that wouldn’t allow them from attending the interview. The interviewee may also apologize in the letter. This way, they keep the good relations between himself and the hiring company. You may also like Interview Evaluation Forms.

Interview appointment letter of confirmation

The interviewee writes this type of appointment letter to indicate acceptance of the invitation to the interview. The interviewee makes sure the hiring company via writing this letter that he will attend on the set date.

Interview appointment letter of employment

The interviewer writes this letter to inform the interviewee that they have been considered as one of the job applicants. In case, the company has various branches, the letter must contain details regarding the workplace the interviewee has been posted. Furthermore, this type of appointment letter also provides a deadline for the successful candidate to report to his workstation.

Appointment letter to reschedule interview

This type of letter is written by the interviewee to request his appointment for the interview to be rescheduled. The interviewee has to provide a concrete explanation for his request in the letter. In addition to this, he also has to attach solid proof supporting his complaints. In case, the interviewee’s complaint is an illness then proof could include hospital records and doctor’s remarks.

Appointment letter for appreciation

The interviewee, after going through a successful interview, write this letter to the hiring company. The letter includes pledges that the successful applicant makes to the company.

Employment Interview Appointment Letter

employment interview appointment letter
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Fillable Interview Appointment Letter

fillable interview appointment letter
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Request To Reschedule Interview Appointment Letter

request to reschedule interview appointment letter
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Free Interview Appointment Letter

free interview appointment letter
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Interview Appointment Cancellation Letter

interview appointment cancellation letter
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Interview Appointment Letter for USA Visa

interview appointment letter for USA visa
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Interview Appointment Thank You Letter

interview appointment thank you letter
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Sample Appointment Letter

sample appointment letter
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Components of a professional interview appointment letter:

A professional interview appointment letter consists of the following parts;

  • Sender’s address
  • Receiver’s address
  • The date
  • Subject
  • The purpose of writing the letter
  • Signing off

Importance of interview appointment letters:

They are very essential documents as it gets your name into a business. You have to let them know and try to interview them in case you are interested in working for a company. You have to take your time and properly review it as the letter is so important. You should also check the Appointment Schedule Template.

Additionally, make sure that you do what you are saying in the letter. If, in the letter, you say that you will call to follow up, ensure that you do. You must indicate them that you are a professional. It means you have to act professionally.


In conclusion, an interview appointment letter is an essential document so you have to make sure that you do everything professionally. You should get to the interview on time. Take professional steps so that you can get your goal.

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