Printable Employee Emergency Contact Form (Word / PDF)

An employee emergency contact form is used by the employers to get the contact information of the individuals from their employees whom they can contact in case an emergency may happen to the employee.

The importance of an employee emergency contact form:

Employee emergency contact forms are important. The employer should have one for each of their employees for use in case of an emergency. However, here are some reasons that why these forms are essential;


Medical issues

Some employees don’t feel comfortable disclosing their personal health information with their employers. Thus, in case an emergency arises, the contact information of their friends or close relatives is in the best interest of both the employee and the employer.

Workplace injuries

Employees should provide their emergency contacts no matter what the nature of work. Not all workplaces have hazards that may cause harm to the employee. But, accidents may still occur. The employee’s emergency contact person may require to be informed of the event that has transpired.

Logistical necessity

To contact the employee’s contact persons, employers have an ethical obligation. Employees should also be informed regarding any event that may take them to an emergency room. Furthermore, the emergency contact person may be required on the basis of nature of the emergency to come and help the employee. This person should be present when the employee is being moved to the hospital.


No response from employee

Sometimes employees are not coming to work and not responding to calls, messages, and emails sent to them by their employer or supervisor. In such circumstances, with the help of employee emergency contact form, employer contacts the employee’s emergency contact persons to find out why they are not responding.

Death of the employee

This rarely happens. But, unfortunately, when it does the employer must contact the employee’s emergency contact persons to let him know about the unfortunate event.

The elements of an employee emergency contact form:

Below are the basic elements that should be included in the employee emergency contact form;

  • The employee’s name and department: you have to include the employee’s complete name, date of birth, and current age.
  • Employee’s personal contact information: this contains the employee’s address, phone number, email address, and alternative phone number.
  • Emergency contact information: the name of the contact person, their address, their relationship with the employee, their workplace should be included on the emergency contact form.
  • Employee’s medical contact information: this section contains the name of the employee’s doctor, office number, and their after-hours office numbers. Any allergies and other medical issues that employees have should also be mentioned in this section. Also, state that how to treat such cases in the event of an emergency.

How to keep an employee emergency contact form?

Follow the below tips in order to collect and keep the employee’s emergency contact information;

Gathering the information while hiring

While hiring, it is suggested that employers have new employees complete an employee emergency contact form. It is essential to do this because medical emergencies can happen any time.

Constant update of the data

For all your employees, having an updated list of emergency contacts is very important. The employer should ensure that the lists are constantly updated. For this, fill out a new form every year or after every six months.

Store data using quality software solution

You used use a quality software solution in order to keep your employee’s data organized and stored safely. There are various software that you can use to keep the information safe and easy to retrieve. You will be able to update the employees’ contact information with ease by using software. You may also like Business Contact List Template.

Free Employee Emergency Contact Form

free employee emergency contact form
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Employee Personal Information and Emergency Contact Form

employee personal information and emergency contact form
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Employee Next of Kin Emergency Contact Sheet Form

employee next of kin emergency contact sheet form
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Employee Emergency Contact Information Form

employee emergency contact information form
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Employee Emergency Contact Form Excel

employee emergency contact form excel
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Employee Address and Emergency Contact Form

employee address and emergency contact form
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In conclusion, an employee emergency contact form is an important document that you can use to reach out to an employee’s emergency contacts and inform them of any unfortunate incident that may happen to the employee.

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