Free Employee Counselling Form (Word, PDF)

An employee counselling form is a document that serves as a guide to a counselor or supervisor. It includes the information that should be discussed in an employee’s counselling meeting. It is also used to write down the findings of a counselling session. These findings can be used for reference in the future when the need arise. This form usually includes the following;

  • Why or what need led the counselor to fills in for the counselling session.
  • Information regarding an incident that raised some concern from management.
  • The corrective action to be taken to this effect.

What is employee counselling?

An employee counselling is a human resource tool used to grab, train, encourage, and retain highly skilled and committed employees so that they get a competitive advantage over rival companies. It is conducted to listen and understand an employee’s problems. Then, provide guidance and advice on different ways to solve them.

In a counselling session, a supervisor and an employee meet to discuss specific incident or an employee’s decline in performance. Counselling can be carried out privately and face-to-face.

What to include in an employee counselling form?

You should include the following key components in your form;

Employee information:

Include employee’s information in your form like their full name, job position, and employer. At the very top of the form, this information is given. When the counselling session is taken place, indicate its date.

The reason(s) for counseling:

Provide the reason in form that why an employee would require counseling. The reason could range from;

  • unethical behavior
  • reduced performance
  • harassment
  • poor attendance
  • company safety policy violation

Details and nature of the incident:

Include the information about the incident like when and how it happened. For documentation and future reference purposes, this is important. If there were witnesses then include their names.

Corrective action(s):

The aim of counselling is to obtain an agreeable solution to the problem. Therefore, the counselor should pass on the employer’s suggestions to the employee to inform how best the incident should be corrected. Include the date that when the corrective actions are to be implemented.

Employee comments:

Any comments or issues that are raised by the employee should include in a counselling form. This may include the disagreements or objections to the allegations that rise against them.

Future actions:

Sometimes termination of employment could be the right course of action due to continued poor performance. So, you should state the ultimate outcomes of disregarding the corrective actions.


At the bottom of the form, there should be a space for the employee and the counselor/supervisor to sign. A signature acts as evidence that the employee acknowledges the issue.

Employee Coaching and Counseling Form

employee coaching and counseling form
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Employee Counseling Notice Form

employee counseling notice form
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Employee Initial Counseling Form

employee initial counseling form
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Word (doc, docx)
Size: (29 KB)

Employee Verbal Counseling Form

employee verbal counseling form
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Word (doc, docx)
Size: (17 KB)

Federal Employee Counseling Form

federal employee counseling form
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Size: (64 KB)

Fillable Employee Counseling Form

fillable employee counseling form
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Word (doc, docx)
Size: (15 KB)

Free Employee Counseling Form Template

free employee counseling form template
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Performance Counseling Record Form

performance counseling record form
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Standard Employee Counseling Form

standard employee counseling form
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Size: (194 KB)

How to conduct an employee counselling?

Here are some tips on conducting employee counselling;

  • You should listen to the employee’s remarks carefully even if you disagree with them. A good listener always waits for the employee to complete their sentences. You should motivate them to share more. It’s your responsibility to make the employee aware that the session is being documented.
  • You have to pay attention on the issue not the person. You should always strive to find a solution for the issue.
  • Try to provide the solutions on the basis of the employee’s strengths. This helps in improving their confidence and acts as a reminder of their capabilities.
  • As a counselor, you don’t have to hesitate to provide your opinion. You can give a different set of eyes and perception to the issue at hand.
  • It is suggested that the department supervisor should conduct the counseling session as they are more familiar with the employee.


In conclusion, an employee counselling form assists the counselor to be objective while conducting a counseling session. Listening is the main aspect of the counseling. The main purpose of employee counseling is to equip the employees with the right attitude.

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