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promotion recommendation letter sample

Promotion Recommendation Letter (Word, PDF)


A promotion recommendation letter is generally written by a supervisor or a manager that outlines the suitability of an individual for promotion. However, a writer can take business references to […]

employee departure clearance form

Employee Clearance Form Template (Word, PDF)


Employee clearance form template is used by an employee when he leaves the company for some reason. This template allows the employee to fulfill all his responsibilities and clear everything […]

employee corrective action plan template

Employee Corrective Action Plan Template (Word, PDF)


An employee corrective action plan template is a document in MS Word, Adobe PDF, and Google docs in different formats. An employee corrective action plan template is used by companies […]

information from exit interview template

Free Printable Exit Interview Templates & Forms (Word, PDF)


Are you finding a free exit interview template and form (Word, PDF)? Being in the human resources department of the company you work at is probably something many people enjoy. […]

retirement appreciation letter to employee

Effective Retirement Announcement Letter Templates (Word, PDF)


Are you searching retirement announcement letter templates (Word, PDF)? Retirement is the professional announcement of the end of the productive career of the person who has spent years serving and […]

hr officer job description template

Best Job Description Template (Word, PDF)


A job description template (Word, PDF) is a formal document required for a job advertisement to hire an employee for a particular role. It states all the tasks and activities […]

free employee handbook template pdf

Free Employee Handbook Template (Word, PDF)


Are you searching for the free employee handbook template (Word, PDF)? There are types of manuals for employees to make the workplace environment comfortable for all. Some manuals are designed […]

employee database excel template

Free Employee Database Excel Template (Human Resources Spreadsheets)


This is a very simple and easy employee database excel template which is generated with simple authority. It purposes to approach with ease you on developing it to meet with […]

job candidate tracker excel

Download Candidate Tracking System Spreadsheet Template


With the economic climate, it should not be an amazing different employee is trying to find out. Whereas, the candidates tracking spreadsheet is using especially for entry-level duties. When you […]

training schedule template

Download Employee Training Schedule Template For Company


Employee training schedule template is one of the most important templates which is used by the human resource section of the company, as there are many functions of HR, so […]