Free Employee Reimbursement Form Templates (Excel, Word)

The employee reimbursement form is a standard template used by an employee. They use it to report expenses paid on behalf of the company while seeking repayment. The specific reimbursable items are based on the agreement among the employer and the employee. Usually, employees who travel to conferences, meetings, and off-site work locations use this type of form.

The purpose of employee reimbursement form:

The reimbursement form can be a very valuable tool for employees who travel to business conferences, meetings, and off-site work locations. This form assists in making sure that such employees are not left covering for the business expenses for themselves. Here are the reasons that why the expense reimbursement form is beneficial; You may also like Employee Counselling Form.

  • At first, an expense reimbursement form creates documentation that strengthens your accounting records. They also prevent you against fraud. The form can be used as a point of reference in case any discrepancies are found between the amount reimbursed and the actual amount spent.
  • Next, the expense reimbursement form is used as a standard form of gathering information relevant to reimbursement. This document also makes it easy for the accounting department to process the information presented. Departments who use the expense reimbursement form will enjoy the basic structure made. On the basis of your company’s policies, it will enable them to edit the categories with the appropriate program quickly and easily.
  • Employee reimbursement form is a standard part of any expense reimbursement policy. For business-related expenses, they assist you to avoid overpaying or underpaying employees. You should also check the Employee Reprimand Form.

Employee Reimbursement Form Template Excel

employee reimbursement form template excel
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Expense Reimbursement Form Template

expense reimbursement form template
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Free Employee Reimbursement Form

free employee reimbursement form
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Printable Employee Reimbursement Form

printable employee reimbursement form
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PTA Reimbursement Form Editable

pta reimbursement form editable
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How to fill the employee reimbursement form?

You should include the following key information in your employee reimbursement form in order to make sure that you receive full expense reimbursement from your employer.

Add your personal information

After downloading the employee reimbursement form, write the following;

  • your full legal name
  • employee identification number
  • your department
  • job title

You can also include the other relevant information that may be needed in the form so that the receiver of the form knows whom to remit the reimbursement to.

Write the expense details

In most reimbursement form, you have to include the purchase or expense details including;

  • the date the expense was incurred
  • a brief and precise description of what was paid for
  • the total amount spent
  • the mode of payment used such as a credit card, check, or cash

Furthermore, itemize each expense individually if you have more than one expense.

Sign the expense reimbursement form

Include your signature and write the current date at the bottom-most part the form. Your signature indicates that you are certifying that the information provided is accurate. This also shows that the actual business expenses incurred on behalf of the company using your personal funds.

Enclose receipts

For each item listed on the expense claim form, enclose purchase receipts. By attaching your receipts with the form indicates that you actually paid for the expense as mentioned in the reimbursement form. If you do not display them with the appropriate physical, then most employers will not reimburse. This is important to protect potentially fraudulent activities from some employees. You may also see Employee Disciplinary Action Form.

Submit the reimbursement form

After completing all the details in the form, you have to attach the required receipts, and then submit the document to your manager or the appropriate department right away. Most organizations usually accept reimbursement requests within 30 days of the original expense. So, you don’t have to stay with the document for too long. You should submit it immediately.


In conclusion, an employee reimbursement form is used by an employee to claim expenses paid on behalf of the employer in the hope of repayment. You should fill in the form appropriately while writing a reimbursement request. It is also important to give a detailed description of the expense and provide a reason for requesting the refund.

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