Free Request for Quote Templates (Excel / Word / PDF)

A request for quote template is a type of solicitation usually issued when an organization wants to purchase high-value products or services. The organization while issuing an RFQ will mention the product or service that they want to purchase and other important details like quantity, delivery date, and more. After that, this information is used by the vendor to prepare a quote for the organization.

How to request for quote?

Requesting quotes is considered very simple process. You can contact the vendor directly or fill out a form on their website for requesting a quote. You just have to provide basic details like your name, contact details, and the product or service that you want to purchase. Let us discuss below some specific quotes;

Request a car price quote

There are various factors to identify the price of a car. One of the crucial factor is vehicle’s age. According to the extra features of the car, the price of the car purchase from dealer may vary. In order to obtain a quote for a used automobile, you must receive all features of the vehicle. Furthermore, the following information may include in a quote for a used car;

  • Model
  • Year
  • Mileage
  • General condition
  • License
  • Registration verification
  • Price

Request a quote for insurance

For insurance, a price quotation can also be requested. Use insurance policies to secure your automobile and your house or get life insurance for yourself and your family. You have to first identify the type of insurance you need in order to obtain a quote for it.

Request a quote for catering service

There is a variety of events and caterers can provide services for them which include birthdays, weddings, meetings, and parties. For a large number of people, caterers provide food and on the basis of situation, they may serve different sorts of meals. However, the catering service will want to know the following information;

  • The event’s date and time
  • Any potential limitations like dietary or allergic restrictions
  • The location of the event
  • The type of event
  • The number of attendees
  • The cuisine that you want to be served

What is the process of Request for Quotation?

Here are the steps that make up the RFQ process;

Create the RFQ document

You will require the following details to prepare an RFQ document;

  • A description of the goods or services you require
  • The exact quantity of goods or services you require
  • For the project, the delivery date or time-frame
  • Any special requirements for the project
  • A clear stated budget for the project

Specify the vendor or supplier list

You will have to consider a few factors in order to define the vendor or supplier list for an RFQ document. You need to first ensure that the potential vendors or suppliers are qualified to give the goods or services you require. Additionally, when compiling a vendor or supplier list for an RFQ document, the price is not the only factor to consider.

Send out request for quote

There are a few things that you have to include in RFQ document when you are ready to send it out. The goods or services you are requesting, you have to include a clear and concise description of them.

Obtain responses and analyze results

After sending your RFQ document, you have to wait for responses from potential vendors or suppliers. When you have received the responses, you need to review and contrast them. When examining and contrasting the responses, you should focus on the credentials of potential vendors or suppliers, their prices, and their reputations.

Select a successful vendor or supplier

You will select the vendor that is most suitable for your requirements when you have reviewed and compared all of the offers. A choice should be made on the basis of the credentials of the vendor or supplier, reputation, and price.

Give feedback to the unsuccessful bidders

The unsuccessful bidders must be notified and given feedback when the winning supplier has been selected. You can notify them via email, phone, or letter.

Select the final contract

You have to finalize the contract with the selected supplier or vendor after notifying the unsuccessful bidders. Specify the terms and conditions of the project and the price in this contract.

Basic Request for Quotation Template

basic request for quotation template
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Printable Request for Quotation Template

printable request for quotation template
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Request for Quotation for Supply of Goods

request for quotation for supply of goods
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Request for Quotation Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Template

request for quotation purchase order terms and conditions template
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Size: (175 KB)

Request for Quotation Sample

request for quotation sample
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Size: (717 KB)

Request for Quote Template Word Free

request for quote template word free
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Word (doc, docx)
Size: (48 KB)

Guidelines for Tendering and Requests for Quotations PDF

guidelines for tendering and requests for quotations pdf
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Size: (167 KB)

University of Illinois Request for Quote Form Instructions

university of illinois request for quote form instructions
File Format
Word (doc, docx)
Size: (30 KB)

Request for Quote Template Excel

request for quote template excel
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Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (14 KB)

Simple Request for Quotation

simple request for quotation
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Size: (172 KB)


In conclusion, a request for quote template should be clear and precise contain all important details regarding the project.

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