Free Printable Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form (PDF)

The lead based paint disclosure form is a legal document that sent out to a tenant and potential buyers who want to get into real estate facilities. These facilities were constructed prior to 1978. It explains that the facility in question is devoid of harsh lead paint. This harsh lead paint was outlawed by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Moreover, this paint has some threat to the health of humans.

The basics of the lead based paint disclosure form:

Contents and scope

The main objective of this form is to force the tenants to give prospective tenants information. The pamphlet titled as “Protect your family from lead in your home.” This document is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It lays the ground on determining and holding lead-based paint hazards. Furthermore, the pamphlet needs the landlord to;

  • The landlord has to disclose any known information concerning lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards. Also, the locations of those hazards and the painted surfaces should be stated.
  • On lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards or both, give any records and reports that are known and available to the landlord.
  • Add a signed attachment to the lease or language in the lease itself. Also, include an EPA-required lead warning statement. This statement is signed by the tenant. It confirms that the landlord has assembled with all notification demands.
  • From the beginning of the lease term, for at least three years, keep a copy of the lead-based paint attachment.

Other requirements

The act that develops this disclosure form also asks for;

  • For lead-based paint hazards, to conduct any inspections on the property or risk assessment, the seller gives the buyer with a 10-day period.
  • Landlords have to furnish their tenants with known information regarding the presence of Lead. Also, specify where exactly they are located in the facility.
  • From the would-be buyer in connection with the lead-based paint disclosure, landlord should get an acknowledgment.


Here are the properties that may be exempt;

  • A certified inspector stated the building lead-free that have been constructed before 1978.
  • A combined living and sleeping area with zero-bedroom dwellings.
  • There is housing for elderly until a younger child than 6 years resides or is expected to reside in the dwelling.
  • Housing for persons with disabilities. This is until a child younger than 6 years resides or is expected to reside in the dwelling.
  • For duration of 100 days or less, leases with no renewal or extension option.
  • At the beginning of the initial lease, renewed, extended, or ratified leases where a disclosure was provided. In the interim, no new information has been found regarding the presence of lead-based hazards or paint-related hazards. You may also see Software Development Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates.

Free Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

lead based paint disclosure form
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Printable Disclosure of Lead Based Paint in a Seller Property

disclosure of lead based paint in a seller property
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Disclosure of Information on Lead Based Paint and Lead Based Paint Hazards

disclosure of information on lead based paint and lead based paint hazards
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In conclusion, in the leasing process, a lead based paint disclosure form is a federally required document for homes established prior to 1978. Along with this form, an informational pamphlet is also given to the tenants that states the dangers of lead-based paint.

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