Printable Quickbooks Deposit Slip Template

It is not just a medium of communication between the depositor and bank teller, but also a proof slip for the depositor. Quickbooks deposit slip template is a form filled when something is deposited or submitted somewhere especially the cash into a bank account.

The concept of receipt/invoice is also the same which is used in almost every field of life while purchasing any product or getting any service. For example, some of them provide rent payment slip to a tenant as proof of rent payment has been received or when a mobile phone is purchased from a retailer.

The retailer provides the customer with a receipt of what has been paid against which product under what payment terms. One copy of this receipt is given to the customer while the other one is kept by a retailer for a record to verify customer copy in case of any problem. You may also check the deposit slip template excel.

The word deposit is used especially for cash transactions. When someone deposits cash into a bank account, this process requires to fill a bank deposit slip. In business, most of the transactions are with the same clients and it is easy to make quick-books deposit slip templates for those clients instead of filling all information manually every time.

QuickBooks is an accounting system used widely for managing accounts of small to medium enterprises in the easiest way. QuickBooks deposit slip templates can be integrated with QuickBooks accounting system to fill-in all information automatically without any errors through companies QuickBooks profile. You may also like cashbook template.

Quickbooks Deposit Slip Template Excel

quickbooks deposit slip template
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Why These QuickBooks Deposit Slip Templates are Used?

QuickBooks accounting system is the most widely used online account management software that keeps a record of company setup, customer list, vendors, sales, expenses, and cash-flows.

In business, tons of cash transactions are made between parties whose information is always available QuickBooks profile. For instance, let’s suppose there are 20 payment cheques available to deposit in a bank account. Manually, it is time-consuming to fill in 20 deposit slips and chances of errors are high. You may also see the driver salary receipt excel template.

To deal with this situation and eliminate the need for double entry, there is some free printable deposit slips template for QuickBooks available which are compatible with QuickBooks accounting system, and all payment cheques information can be filled in automatically on those deposit slips with any errors.

Free Printable Deposit Slips Template for Quickbooks

free printable deposit slips template for quickbooks
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What Information Should Present in QuickBooks Templates?

QuickBooks deposits slips are like regular bank deposit slips, but these are made specifically to integrate with QuickBooks accounting system. Following is the information a QuickBooks deposit slip should present,

QuickBooks deposits slip mostly have two sections, the top one is submitted to the bank while lower detachable one is summary for own record-keeping purposes.

Bank portion carries basic information of company like company name, address, and company bank account details.

Deposit date, the signature of both the depositor and bank teller, a separate amount of all cheques with the total amount in digits as well as in words at the end is also written on the bank section of QuickBooks deposit slip. For making QuickBooks Deposit Slip Template Excel spreadsheets can also be used. You may also like salary slip format in excel.

Lower detachable section normally has summarized information like cheques number, client’s name, amount of each cheque, and any remarks for record-keeping.

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