Professional business contact list template excel and word is very well known and very ancient template which is anciently use physically or manually, by the old civilize people of mohenjo daro and old Greeks. In which they write the names of their personnel their slaves etc. initially it have multiple usage, but with the increase of trade among ancient people and the barter system records and contact are saved as contact and record list. At the time of British Empire their contacts and their personal relationships are record through address list or contact list. By observing the benefits of this, the business personalities are use it for managing their contacts, relationships, etc. talking about what is business contact list spreadsheet and worksheet for offices, than it is the template in which many rows and columns are made with different components the benefit of it is that you can use easily to enter the data of your contact whether your family, your customer, your vendor, employee, and many others. Back in 1990’s contacts and their address are manage through directories and diaries in which they write manually, but now they are manage or prepare by mostly organization digitally in their laptops , personal computer, cell phones and Tablets.

Business Contact List Template

Benefits of using Business Contact list Template Format In Excel & Word:

Business contact list template is now mostly using digitally, and in other written so its benefits or advantages are following:

  1. Easy for record keeping.
  2. Easy to understand.
  3. Can be customize or its components are vary from company to company.
  4. Cheaper in a context that it can be adopt by anyone easily.
  5. Quick and accurate information quickly.
  6. Can be link with email for digital marketing or email marketing.
  7. It also helps as a reminder to events which are schedule.
  8. Its greater benefit is that is increase the efficiency and is very effected.
  9. In many businesses the address contain section of notes in which information about the person is written whether he is your creditor or debtor.
  10. It benefit is that it saturate and filter all your contacts in different categories.

Business Contact list Template Format In Word

Free Download:  Business Contact list Template Word

How to use it:

The use is very simple, you can customize it according to your desire , normally following components are in this template to use:

Simple And Professional Business Contact List Template Excel

Download:  Business Contact list Template Excel


In this cell you have the option whether to have name of your client or company.

Last Name:

The last name of person or contacts.

Frist Name:

The Good name of client, employee, etc.

Company and enterprise name:

The clients organization name, which is also known as brand name.

Street Address:

The address of client’s organization, whether an office or a factory, or manufacturing unit.

City, Zip, Postal code:

It is a unique code which is issue by the state to their cities or specific areas of their countries.

Email address:

A communication medium.

Home, work, fax, Cell phone:

Number of customer who is unique or vary from person to person.


A date at which the company track the customer or wish them on the day they born.


URL address of business of the contact.

In conclusion it is very important to use business contact list template excel and word because of its efficient global use.

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