Free Leave of Absence Agreement Templates (Word, PDF)

A leave of absence agreement template is an agreement between employees and the employers. For a limited period, employees may have one reason or the other to warrant their absence from work. The reason may be the health or the death of a loved one. The employee requests a leave of absence agreement during such circumstances.

Moreover, for granting leave of absence, employers follow their company-established guidelines. In the agreement, the employee seeks permission to be absent from duty post for a specific period. Some other names of this agreement are as follow;

  • Leave of Absence for Employment
  • Agreement for Employment Leave of Absence
  • Leave of Absence for work
  • Agreement for Leave of Absence
  • Leave of Absence for Job

Types of leave of absence:

There are two main types of leave of absence;

Extended leave

This type of leave of absence spans several weeks or months. It is usually given to the employee when he is in an emergency involving the life of a closely related family.

Intermittent leave

An intermittent leave is the reduction of working hours. It is in result of certain conditions that are permitted by the law and business. While taking on-the-job training or during convalescence, intermittent leave may be sought by employees.


Terms and conditions of the agreement:

Both employee and employer have to clearly understand the terms and conditions for taking a leave of absence. These terms and conditions protect them from unnecessary inconveniences. They also help employees see the emphatic side of their employers. In addition, there terms and conditions are as follow;

  • Validity of the agreement i.e. the agreement is valid if the employee complies with the start date and end date mentioned in the agreement.
  • Expectations about employees
  • Required documentations
  • Competency or proficiency testing

What to include in a leave of absence agreement?

A Leave of Absence template should include some major items that are ad follow;

Dates of leave

It is the most important component. For both extended and intermittent leave, indicate the start dates and end dates. For intermittent leave, in the case of further education, the employer may able the leave of absence to cover the entire period of training. However, for convalescence, certain duration may be set temporarily since the period may differ widely.


Extension details of the leave

You have to state the general conditions that may warrant the extension of the leave in the agreement expressly. It may include the following;

  • How it should be requested

    There has to be an agreed means of communication to request an extension for the leave. Through this means of communication, employee declares the intention to seek a leave extension.

  • Timeframe

    Likewise the main leave, the leave extension should also have a certain start and end date.

  • Parties of extension

    Other than the employer, there are also some people that have to be aware of the loan extension. So, notify them as well.

  • Specific conditions

    During the period of leave extension, situations like how the vacant duty post is managed must be addressed.

  • Resignation

    After the extended leave, the employee may be in a position where he or she may be asked to resign.

  • Modifications

    As a result of seeking a leave extension, state any changes to the job description of the employee.

Details about the benefits and job position

The agreement should state clearly who will be responsible for specific benefits and what happens to the job position of the employee during the period of absence. You may also like Remote Work Policy Template.

Fillable Leave of Absence Agreement Form Template

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Free Leave of Absence Agreement Template

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Leave of Absence Agreement Sample

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In conclusion, a leave of absence agreement template is a tool that prevents both employee and the employer from conflicts and litigations that are bad for a business. The agreement also makes sure that businesses run smoothly regardless of specific emergencies.

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