Free Training Receipt Templates (Excel, Word, PDF)

A training receipt template is a type of receipt issued by the trainer to the trainee after paying the money for the training services. This receipt is assists in keeping record and track of payments made by each client.

When is the personal training receipt used?

For the training services and instructions given, a personal training invoice is used by a personal trainer to bill his/her clients. Before training starts or after the training session, the payment can be made. Different types of personal trainers can use training receipts. Let us discuss them below; You may also like Employee Training Schedule Template.

Yoga instructor:

During engaging yourself to be physical and mental exercises, yoga instructor gives instructions on how to connect your breathe.

Personal trainer:

This person gives you a general knowledge of keeping fit and healthy.

Fitness instructor:

This is an individual that provides instructions of keeping fit to individuals or groups.

Strength coaches:

This is a physical and fitness professional. To improve the fitness and physical strength of an individual, they provide exercise fitness.

Holistic personal trainers:

Holistic personal trainer trains usually deeper than other training. Before training to keep fit, healthy and shape, it includes training the mind first and addressing body emotions. The client’s emotions and attitude have great impact on the results of the physical training. To get best results, the holistic trainer assists you in changing your attitude and balancing your emotions to the workouts you are engaged.

Pirates trainers:

To build strength and flexibility, they instruct specialized exercises, meditation and stretching to their clients. They require training receipts to manage their client’s payments.

Athletic trainers:

These individuals protect, examine, and treat bone and muscle injuries during sports.

Dancing instructors:

They train people with different dance techniques and dramatic skills. You may also see Training Evaluation Form.

Blank Training Receipt Template

blank training receipt template
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Company Training Receipt Template

company training receipt template
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Corporate Training Receipt Template

corporate training receipt template
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Free Training Receipt Template Word

free training receipt template word
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Job Training Receipt Template

job training receipt template
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Billing methods of personal trainers:

  • The first method that trainers use to bill their clients depend on per session billing. Clients may pay before the training session or after.
  • The package-based billing is another method. The trainer classifies the session into different packages in most training classes. The trainer selects to bill their clients per those packages.
  • Month-to-month billing; this method allows the client pays at the end of the training month.

The contents of training receipts:

Details of the company:

  • Name of the individual who takes money on behalf of the company
  • The company name
  • The company address

Date and time:

The date and time of the payment is the most important content of the receipt.

Client details:

Client’s name, address, and phone number are included here.

Package details:

This section is usually divided into three packages. Each section includes the following;

  • amount paid
  • the trainer name
  • the weekly, monthly and yearly dates


In the end, provide the name of the individual who received the receipt and his/her signature. You should also check Training Needs Analysis Template.

Personal Training Receipt Template

personal training receipt template
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Printable Training Receipt Template

printable training receipt template
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Sample Training Receipt Template Excel

sample training receipt template excel
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In conclusion, a training receipt template is a helpful tool for trainers that keep the payment records for their clients. There are a lot of various training receipt templates online that assists you in keeping a good track of your client’s payments.

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