Free Passport Parental Consent Forms (PDF)

Passport parental consent form is a document required when a minor apply for their passports. While applying, the minor needs to have their parents or legal guardian present. At that time, they have to provide the right guardianship and citizenship documentation. They will need a “Passport Parental Consent” Form DS-3053 in case only one parent will present.

What is the passport parental consent form?

This form is filled out by the parent or guardian that will not be present while applying for the passport. It states that they give consent. This form will need to be submitted with the minor’s DS-11 Form. The form should get signed in front of a notary public. They will also need to show proof of identity with a photo ID issued by the government.

Furthermore, there are 2 items that will need to be filled out on the DS-3053;

  1. The Statement of Consent: it would be used by the parent providing their consent for a passport to be issued.
  2. The Statement of Special Circumstances: it would be filled out by the parent applying in case they couldn’t get permission from the parent not-applying.

The form DS-3053 should be sent along with form DS-11 at a passport agency that has been approved, or an acceptance facility. It has to be done within three months from the notarization date. Passports usually take 4 to 6 weeks. You can also request an expedited processing option. But, this will be other fee from the application fee.

Notarization of form DS-3043:

To get Form DS-3053 notarized, there are some documents that you will need to provide;

  • The minor’s proof of citizenship
  • Proof of guardianship
  • Parents ID

There are various registered websites that enables you to get your Form DS-3053 notarized online. So, to visit the passport agency, you don’t need to take time off from work or take your child out of school. You just need an internet access, a camera-enabled computer, mobile phone, or tablet, your ID. After downloading the form, fill it out but don’t sign it. This is because you have to done this in front of the online notary. You may also like Child Travel Consent Form.

Consent Form for US Passport To a Minor

consent form for US passport to a minor
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Size: (59 KB)

Issuance of US Passport Consent Form

issuance of US passport consent form
File Format
Size: (30 KB)

Letter of Consent to Passport Application

letter of consent to passport application
File Format
Size: (31 KB)

Passport Issuance to a Minor Consent Form

passport issuance to a minor consent form
File Format
Size: (81 KB)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

If the child’s mother or father is deceased then how do I get my child’s passport?

You will need to provide a death certificate in case of one parent being deceased. For single parents, you require a court order that grants you sole legal custody or that grants permission for you to apply for the child’s passport.

Do I still need a Form DS-3053 if I have sole custody?

No, because sole guardians and parents with sole custody don’t require to get written permission from the other parent.

May I use a copy of Form DS-3053?

No, the document must be original. It should be completely recently and get notarized by the parent who will not be present and applying. You also have to ensure that there are no crossed-out areas. The date of the parent’s signature and date of notarization must match.

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