Professional Interior Design Contract Templates For Commercial & Residential (Word / PDF)

An interior design contract template is a tool used to create a legal agreement between an interior designer and the client. The agreement removes the misunderstanding between the parties and helps them in negotiating the details of a design project.

What is an interior design contract?

An interior design contract is a legal document that outlines the designer’s working relationship with the client for an interior design project. It describes how interior designers provide their services and how clients will pay them.

Furthermore, the contract specifies the terms and conditions that protect the rights of both parties. It should also clarify in detail the scope of the project to avoid any potential disputes.

Key clauses for interior design contract:

Your interior design contract should include the following key clauses;

Business introduction

In this clause, designers should describe the following about them;

  • How they work
  • Who they are
  • How they carry out their projects

Statement of work

Describe the project briefly in the statement of work. Unlike a scope of work, it doesn’t explain in detail the work that will be carried out.

Purchasing and warranty terms

This clause specifies who makes the purchases and the person under whose name is the warranty.

Payment and refund cancellation terms

This section provides the following details;

  • The payment due date
  • The invoice’s transmission
  • Any applicable interest rates and fees
  • Refund policies

Consultants and contractors clause

This clause is used while hiring outside consultants or contractors to complete work.

Publicity terms

This clause is for the clients to tell them that photos or a video will be taken or made of their space.

Intellectual property clause

You must add this clause in the contract to make sure that your drawings, details, and more remain your intellectual property.

Termination terms

It states the terms and conditions to terminate the contract.

How to write an interior design contract?

Consider the following steps to write an interior design contract;

  • First, provide the personal information of the interior designer and the client such as their complete names and addresses.
  • Next, describe all the services that will be provided by the interior designer.
  • Document the day when the services begin and end. The end date indicates when the services should be completed.
  • It is also important to specify how the service will be paid and for how much.
  • State whether or not there will be a contingency fee. Basically, a contingency fee refers to a payment provided when the services are completed. This payment is usually decided on the basis of the percentage of a specific payment.
  • After that, state how often the designer will be paid.
  • Mention whether or not a retainer is required. If yes, state how much it will be. Also, specify whether it is refundable or not.
  • Identify who is responsible for expenses. Each party must pay every expense. However, it is possible that one party pays some expenses and the other party pays the rest.
  • Explain how the disputes will be handled between both parties.
  • Both parties have to sign the contract at the end. Date the agreement and each party add their names.

Simple Interior Design Contract Template

simple interior design contract template
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Example of Interior Designer Contract Proposal Template

example of interior designer contract proposal template
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Free Interior Design Contract Template

free Interior Design Contract Template
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Interior Designer Decorator Contract Template

interior designer decorator contract template
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Freelance Designer Contract Template

freelance designer contract template
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Interior Designer Payment Service Contract Template

interior designer payment service contract template
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Sample of Interior Design Contract Agreement

sample of interior design contract agreement
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Residential Interior Design Contract Template

residential interior design contract template
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How to quote interior design?

Making a precise estimate of the work is the most important part of quoting interior design. Create an itemized list of tasks along with their prices. Following are some other worth mentioning things;

1- The location of the property
2- Contact details of both parties
3- Payment terms
4- Contract timeline
5- The conditions for termination

Can I use a template for an interior design contract?

Yes, you can use a professionally made template for a contract. It will save you precious time as well as money.

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