Free Editable Luggage Tag Template MS Word

In this article, you will get the free editable luggage tag template. Traveling is always a hectic task especially traveling via airplanes. It requires a lot of effort to get pass through a number of security checks before reaching to the destination place. Any mishap may cause trouble for the passenger. After all the hectic phase, if some lost the luggage bag during security passes or at any place. It will be no good for the trip having somewhere away from home.

Luggage tags help the security staff to identify the lost bag and reunite it with the owner. The key questions that may arise in mind regarding luggage tags are:

  • How do luggage tags help in travel?
  • What information must be present on a luggage tag?
  • What are the key uses of luggage tags?

What is a Luggage Tag Template?

The luggage tag is a type of identification technique used on luggage while traveling via any means of transportation such as buses, trains, airplanes, and ships. At such places like a bus terminal, railway station or airport, luggage is passed through scanners for security reasons. You can also like the travel itinerary template.

These tags help to identify luggage after security checks. Especially while traveling via airplane, luggage of all the passengers is placed at a separate section and provided to passengers at the end of flight at the destination after passing through security clearance. There are many other potential uses of the luggage tag template. The key reasons for having a luggage tag on luggage while traveling are;

  • It helps to identify the luggage at the luggage carousel
  • It’s standout your luggage from the others
  • It proves the ownership of luggage
  • It minimizes the chances of luggage being replaced by someone others.
  • It helps to identify and track the missing luggage.

A Brief History of Luggage Tag Template:

Before air travel was possible. People used to travel the world via ships where their luggage is stored at a separate section of the ship. So, paper luggage tags were used at that time for the identification of their bags from thousands of other bags. At the start of air travel, it wasn’t affordable for many people.

Therefore, there wasn’t any need of having luggage tags as luggage was stored at the side of the passenger seat. With the passage of time air travel become cheap and affordable by a large group of people. The need for having a luggage tag evolved and accepted similar to ship travels. You can also see the travel agency invoice template.

In 1992, paper luggage tags were replaced by digital tags which were safer as it prevents the replacement and false claiming of someone else luggage. These tags carry all the information about travel and airplane. In case, someone lost the luggage. It can easily be traced using the available information.

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What Information Must Be Present on the Luggage Tag Template?

Just having a luggage tag isn’t itself useful unless all the necessary information for identification is present on the tag. A simple but useful luggage tag should include the following information;

  • Complete Name
  • Email Address
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Photo (Optional)
  • Flight Details (Optional)

Some people mention excessive information on the luggage tag that is not required and sometimes can cause trouble for the passenger such as;

  • Home Address
  • Identity Number or Social Security Number

Mentioning home address on luggage tags must be avoided. However, the work address or the address of the hotel where you are doing to stay during travel can be mentioned. The contact number of the trustee can be mentioned in-case of visiting more than one destination with limited availability of internet and mobile.

Luggage Tag Template Free Download

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Luggage Tag Template for MS Word

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Simple Printable Luggage Tag Template

printable luggage tags
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Free Editable Luggage Tag Template

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Free Printable Luggage Tags

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Printable Luggage Tag Template

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Luggage Tag Template for Business Card

luggage tag template for business card
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Reasons to Use Free Printable Luggage Tag Template:

Luggage Tag Template is readily available on the internet that can be customized as per need. It is time-saving and even a newbie can easily edit the template. Using these templates can keep you safe from losing your luggage in a busy crowd of the airport. The 0.6% of passenger’s luggage got lost or stolen and 47% of luggage delivered late to the owner. Below are the reasons to use printable luggage tag template;

  • Easily Editable
  • Can be customized as per need
  • Graphically Attractive
  • Durable and unique
  • Help in identification

Where To Attach Luggage Tag?

It is encouraged to attach luggage tags on all types of luggage such as check luggage and carry-on luggage.

Checked luggage has two tags. One inside and one outside. The purpose of the inside one is to verify the outside one in case of any conflict. It also can be used in case the outside one gets damaged. These tags must be sturdy and visually clear to see from a distance.

Carry-on luggage should also have two tags similar to the pattern of check luggage as carry-on luggage may also become checked luggage at the gate of flight if storage becomes full before boarding to a flight. You can also check the travel budget template.

What is Business Card Luggage Tag Template?

The business card luggage tag template luggage tags are very useful as it serves the purpose of the luggage tag as well as the business card. Luggage tag holders of different sizes are available in the market that can be used to carry the business card luggage tag. Business card luggage tags are specially designed with respect to the business. It carries information about the business as well as the key information that should be written on a luggage tag to serve its purpose well.

The type of tags used by brands on their products is also similar to business card luggage tags. These tags are used for the identification of the brand such as when new shirts and pants are purchase from a brand outlet.

It carries different tags that carry information about the product and the brand. Business card luggage tags are the most common way to represent the ownership of luggage. It isn’t necessary to use such tags in outside and inside of luggage. Only outside tags will be enough as these can be cross verified against your business card.

These can be used on all types of luggage like carry-on, checked, and children’s luggage. Luggage tag business card templates are easily available and widely used as printable and editable luggage tag template that can be customized as per requirement.

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