Free Contract for Sale of Goods Template (Word / PDF)


A contract for sale of goods is a legal agreement between a buyer and a seller that specifies the terms and conditions for the sale and purchase of goods. This document states what is being sold and sets the terms of sale.

The important elements of a contract for sale of goods:

A contract for sale of goods contains the following important elements;

Buyer and seller


There are two parties involved in any contract that is drafted for the sale of goods. The party who is responsible for selling the goods is known as the seller and another party is known as the buyer who purchases those goods.


The things that are traded in exchange for money are referred to as goods. This contract doesn’t govern things like money or immovable property.

Transfer of ownership

The ownership of the goods is automatically transferred to the buyer when a seller sells those goods in exchange for money.

Shipping details

For the buyer and for transferring the ownership of the goods, shipping and delivery details are important. Usually, both these details are required for bulk or regular purchase orders.

Payment method and deadline

You should clearly provide the following information in the contract;

  • Payment method
  • Deadline for making payment
  • Interest accrued for late payments

Notification of defective goods

Because of shipping, mishandling, or manufacturing faults, it is a natural course of action that the buyer can find some goods defective. Therefore, the buyer must let the seller know about the damaged goods and also ask for a return. A sale of goods contract must include a notification of defective goods clause. It is very crucial to protect the return policy and minimize the loss.

Termination of contract

When creating a sale of goods contract, you must discuss termination arrangement and provision. This allows the parties to legally terminate the contract if they aren’t satisfied with the purchased goods.

What are the features of the contract for sale of goods?

The features of sales of goods contract are as follows;

  • The main topic or subject matter of a sale of goods contract is goods or movable property.
  • This document requires two parties as the goods are handed over from one party to another.
  • Another important part of this contract is the transferring of a property’s ownership.
  • The agreement must contain information about the price and transaction or trade of goods.
  • Include all the elements in the contract to make it legally valid.

Contract for Sale of Goods Template

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Purchase Agreement Goods Template

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Sale of Goods Contract Template Guideline

sale of goods contract template guideline
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How the goods are classified?

The goods are classified as;

1- Existing goods
2- Future goods
3- Contingent goods

How should you use a contract for sale of goods?

The contract should be used correctly in order to make sure that the contract rules are enforced. Hence, it should contain all the correct terms and conditions. To make the contract legally binding, both parties have to sign and date the contract.

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