Free Sample of Billing Invoice Template

This original and new sample of billing invoice template gives a very professional & simple method to bill your customers. We have designed and planned it specifically for freelancers, accountants, consultants & other small trades that are seeking for something easy and simple to utilize with a design that is simple to customize. This template is the first in a line of new receipt and charging related layouts that will all utilization a comparative style. This will permit you to make solicitations, cites, gauges, receipts, and record explanations all with the same expert look.

This spreadsheet aspect a new clean & crisp design with the defaulting color design set to grayscale for additional ink-friendly printing. It is a portion of cake to alter the color system, though. You can go to Page Layout > Themes > Colors, or edit the fonts & background colors to whatever you wish for. The table contains a QTY (quantity) & a UNIT PRICE column so that you can go into labor charges as hours & rate and still list person service charges. You can comprise a reduction by entering a unenthusiastic value in the UNIT PRICE column.

Billing Invoice Template

Example of Billing Invoice Template In Excel

Some Tips:

If this is your primary invoice, begin with an invoice number of 1042. You almost certainly don’t desire your client to recognize that this is the first time you have ever billed anyone.

Send A PDF:

At the point when sending an invoice to a customer, either print or mail a paper duplicate, or send a PDF. It is not as expert to send a receipt in an editable arrangement like an Excel or Word report. It is amazingly simple with Excel 2010 or later to make a PDF – Just go to File > Save As and pick PDF.

Terms Vs Date Due:

As well as the phrase “Net thirty Days” in the TERMS pasture means that the invoice is due 30 days after the merchandises are got or the services have been performed. If you believe your customer may not appreciate that, you could alter the label to DUE DATE & enter a date.

Free Sample of Billing Invoice Template Excel

Customer Id:

On the off chance that you are just charging a couple of customers, you may not require a Customer ID field. You could change the name to QUOTE # to allude to a past quote, or you could simply erase the name and leave the field clear.

Creating an Invoice:

In the event that you have to give a customer a receipt after they pay the receipt sum, you can simply change the name at the top in cell H1 from “Receipt” to “RECEIPT” and include a note underneath the Total saying something like “Forked over all required funds, down to the last cent.”

Billing Invoice Template View & Free Download

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