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A Massachusetts bill of sale form serves as legal proof of the purchase that is required while selling or buying the vehicle in the state of Massachusetts. According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, buyers will require the bill of sale while registering a vehicle.

For the vehicle whose weight is under 16,000 pounds or under 10 years of age, then along with the Massachusetts bill of sale, you have to attach a federal Odometer Disclosure Statement. Also, you will need to complete a Vehicle Power of Attorney in case you are registering or titling a vehicle on behalf of the owner.

Details on a Massachusetts bill of sale:


Include the following details in your Massachusetts bill of sale;

  • The creation date of the document
  • The basic details of the seller and the buyer such as their complete legal names, full addresses, contact numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  • The details of the vehicle including VIN, make, model, year, color, body type, and odometer reading.
  • The selling price of the vehicle
  • The method used for payment
  • Miscellaneous information like as-is statement
  • The seller and the buyer signatures

In Massachusetts, registering a vehicle:

To drive your purchased vehicle on a public road, you will need to register and title it in your name at a branch of the RMV. At first, an Application for Registration & Title must be completed. Next, take out an insurance policy and bring it to the insurance provider to stamp the application. Furthermore, you should make sure that you have received the previous Certificate of Title from the seller and a Massachusetts bill of sale.

It is suggested to register your vehicle in person if you are registering it for the first time. With your nearest RMV center or one of their Registration Drop off sites, make an appointment to do so. Register the vehicle within 10 days from the date that you acquired the vehicle. Every 1 to 2 years, the registration renewal is required. However, it depends on the license plate type that you have.

The required documents for registering a vehicle:

The following documentation is required for registering and titling your vehicle;

  • An existing and valid Massachusetts Driver’s License
  • A car bill of sale for Massachusetts
  • A federal form Odometer Disclosure Statement will require if you aren’t able to record the odometer reading on the vehicle’s title.
  • A Certificate of Title. In case, the title is unavailable, then you can also request a duplicate title from the RMV.
  • A completed Registration and Title Application
  • Required funds to cover the suitable Registration fees
  • From a recognized Massachusetts vehicle insurance provider, Proof of Insurance
  • A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney will have to be completed if you are registering the vehicle on behalf of the owner

Free Massachusetts Bill of Sale Form

massachusetts bill of sale form
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Massachusetts Bill of Sale Form for Vehicle or Vessel

massachusetts bill of sale form for vehicle or vessel
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Sales Tax:

On the vehicle’s full purchase amount, the new owners are required to pay 6.25% sales tax while registering a vehicle. In case, the vehicle was bought outside of Massachusetts, then evidence of paid taxes from the state it is registered in must be given.

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