Car Accident Demand Letter (Samples & Examples)

A car accident demand letter is written after suffering damages due to car accident for demanding compensation. It acts as a warning letter to the other party. It states that if the other party do not compensate for the damages then they would have to face the legal actions against them.

Reasons for sending car accident demand letter:

When you have suffered damages due to car accident and you think that driver is at fault then you have receive compensate from them. The most common method used for this process is filing a claim with the insurance company of responsible person by writing a demand letter. It summarizes your complaint and state the amount of money you are requesting. Furthermore, it informs the party that;

  • They were at-fault in the accident.
  • They have to pay for the damages caused by them. Also, they should compensate for loses occurred due to accident.
  • The time period when they are expecting to have paid the money. It also states the method of payment.
  • They would have to face legal actions if they fail to comply with the demands made.

Moreover, by sending the demand letter, you can warn them for avoiding legal battles which are typically costly and time-consuming. Your letter should be well-drafted. Make sure that you must include proof so that if matter goes into court you have evidence that you sent the letter. You may also like Pinewood Derby Car Design Template.

Blank Car Accident Demand Letter

blank car accident demand letter
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Car Accident Demand Letter Example

car accident demand letter example
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Sample Car Accident Demand Letter

sample car accident demand letter
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Sample Demand Letter Claim for Vehicle Damage After a Car Accident

sample demand letter claim for vehicle damage after a car accident
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Things to include in the car accident demand letter:

Your letter should include the following;

Explain the facts:

Explain the facts surrounding the accident in detail. This may include the weather, road directions, and where the driver was at-fault. You can also create the police reports that contain citations against the driver. You can also include relevant laws like distracted driving infractions and other pertinent facts. Moreover, provide the explanation of the physical effects of the accident.


Be humble:

During the letter, be humble. At the same time also remain serious. When you are calm, it states that you are confident in your position. If you attack the recipient aggressively then he would also act in the similar way.

Medical treatments:

As a result of accident the injuries you have received, discuss them in detail. Attach evidence like medical reports, bills, etc. It is suggested you to provide all documentation regarding your medical treatment. It may include the description of the diagnosis of your injuries and the treatment you received. If you received any long-term disability also discuss in detail. Most importantly, also mention the medical expenses. You should also check Car Lease Agreement Template.


Damages can be categorized into two i.e. economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages consist of medical expenses and the lost income while non-economic damages include pain and suffering. However, you don’t have any proof that you suffered non-economic damage as it is subjective. But you must explain how your physical injuries negatively affected your life.


Set a deadline:

Set a time period for the recipient to respond to the letter. You should create the sense of urgency so that they respond faster to resolve the matter. In the end, state that if they fail to respond in the given time frames then you will take legal actions against them.

You should include the following supporting documents;

  • All medical expenses
  • Police reports
  • All receipts for out-of-pocket expenses and receipts of any pain medications.
  • A formal letter written by your employer regarding your wages.
  • Any other evidence such as photos, videos, etc related to the accident.

When you have all done with the above steps, make a copy of it and keep it for yourself and send the original copy to other party. You may also see Car Sale Invoice Template.


In conclusion, a car accident demand letter is sent to the other party for paying expenses after suffering damages due to car accident. The letter should be well-drafted and written in a humble tone. Discuss every damage as the result of the accident in detail.

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