Printable Child Travel Consent Form (Word, PDF)

A child travel consent form is a formal document that allows minors to travel without having both of their parents present. It is used to grant permission for a minor to travel domestically or internationally without their parents. This form is preferred to sign by both parents.

Furthermore, this form is needed when a child travels with someone who is not the legal guardian like a grandparent, family member, friend, or teacher. This form is suitable for that specific trip. You have to create a new one each time the child travels. Child travel consent form is also known as; You may also like Travel Itinerary Template.

  • Minor travel consent form
  • Travel permission form
  • Parental consent form
  • Child traveling abroad consent form

What to include in a child travel consent form?

Every minor travel consent form should contain the following details;

  • Include minor details such as the full name, place of birth, and passport details.
  • The parent’s or guardian’s permission and contact details.
  • If the parent or guardian is traveling with the child then include their passport information, full name, and any custody information.
  • Mention medical or allergy information regarding the minor.
  • State the destination and the date the trip will begin and end.
  • Most importantly, to make the document legal affix the signature of the parent that is not traveling.

However, every country has its own rules regarding documentation. You should concern the state department’s international travel-related country you are traveling to. You should also check Travel Budget Template.

Children Traveling Abroad Consent Form

children traveling abroad consent form
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Letter of Consent for Travel of a Minor Child

letter of consent for travel of a minor child
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Minor (Child) Travel Consent Form

minor child travel consent form
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Free Minor Travel Consent Form

minor travel consent form
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How to fill a child travel consent form?

At first, download a child travel consent form from any website. In the first section, there is a statement that serves as a declaration from the parents or guardians of the traveling minor. On this line, state the full name of the child and his/her parent or guardian. Then, on the birth line, write the date and place of birth of the minor. If the subject of the form is international travel then also provide the passport number on the next line. Also, provide details about Minor’s “Country of Issuance,” “Date of Issuance” and “Date of Expiration”.


The next area has two checkbox statements where the parent or guardian indicates whether the minor will be allowed to travel alone or not. If a minor is allowed to travel alone then select the first checkbox. On the other hand, if a minor is allowed to travel with someone then choose the second box and track the identity of that individual. Write the full name of the person or entity from whom the minor will be traveled. Also, report the nature of the relationship the minor has with this party. You may also see Travel Agency Invoice Template.

Next, provide the details on when and where the Minor can travel. Write the destination where he/she can be expected to arrive. After data, enter the date when the minor will begin traveling and when the Minor is expected to arrive home from traveling. In the end, the parent or guardian must affix their signatures to make the form legal.


In conclusion, a child travel consent form is a formal document that allows any minor to take permission from his/her parents or guardian for domestic or international travel with someone else. Probably, it is used when the child is traveling with a group, school, or an adult who is not a legal guardian. This form clarifies that the minor has written permission to travel without his/her parents.


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