Free Adoption Reference Letter Word & PDF (Samples & Examples)

An adoption reference letter is for the people who want to adopt a child from an orphanage or adoption house. This letter is written by an adoption house from where the couple has adopted a child before. Moreover, the letter can also write by couples’ friends. Generally, it is the letter for the friends who are living their lives without kids and they want to adopt a kid. In short, an adoption reference letter is used by the parents to adopt a child.

Who can write an adoption reference letter?

The people who can write this letter are;

  • Close, long-time friends, and especially those friends who are married and have children.
  • Neighbors
  • Church members
  • Co-workers
  • Pastor

What should be included in the letter?

The important components that should be included in the letter are mentioned below;

  1. At first, state that how you know them and how long you know them.
  2. Any information about the couples’ character.
  3. State the strengths of a couple.
  4. Why are you recommending them for adoption?
  5. Next, the qualities of the couple that would be fitting for parenting a kid.
  6. Emphasize the couples’ marriage relationship.
  7. Also, describe their current parenting skills.
  8. Most importantly, the letter should be dated.
  9. Your signature.
  10. The letter would be scanned to the study provider and also mail the papers for the file.

Hence, all the above-mentioned things give a complete description of the couples’ character, ability, skills, and knowledge in adopting a child. With the help of an adoption reference letter, the adoption house can easily select the right parents and bring happiness to their life. You may also like Birth Certificate Template.

Sample Adoption Reference Letter

sample adoption reference letter
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Personal Adoption Reference Letter Template

personal adoption reference letter template
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Free Printable Adoption Reference Letter

free printable adoption reference letter
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Foster Care and Adoption Program Form

foster care and adoption program form
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Character Reference Letter for Adoptive Parents

character reference letter for adoptive parents
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Adoption Reference Questionnaire Template

adoption reference questionnaire template
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How to write an adoption reference letter?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to write an adoption reference letter;


At first, state how do you know them. The letter must be started by explaining how you know the prospective parents, at what place you met them, and how long your relationship is. In the first step, you should explain your relationship with the prospective parents. You should also check Chore Chart Template.


Secondly, explain their character. After an introduction, state their character and strengths. This is the step where you provide all the information which is useful for the social worker. Here, describe what qualities make them best for adopting a child and you must highlight those qualities. Next, emphasize how their married life is as a whole.


After that, emphasize their current parenting skills and their interaction with children. Then, give a clear statement by recommending the prospective couple best for the adoption because of their skills. Furthermore, be honest and speak frankly about the couple. Don’t provide wrong information that can make things difficult.


In the end, proofread your letter thoroughly and see there are no spelling mistakes and inconsistencies. Also, provide your full name, contact information, and address so that the social worker can easily contact you if he has any questions about anything. You may also see Sorority Recommendation Letter.

In conclusion, an adoption reference letter must be written perfectly because it helps the social workers to understand what the adoptive family is.

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