Printable Wage Verification Form Templates (Word, PDF)


A wage verification form is a document that verifies the amount of income an employee gets as a reward at the end of a work period. This form is also known as a proof of employment letter or employment verification letter. This document is very useful when an employee is applying for a mortgage, or seeking housing. However, the individual has job security but it is paid as a specific amount each payday.

The minimum wage an employee received may vary from one state or country to the other. This is mainly identified by the nature and the level of the country’s economy. For example, the minimum wage should be higher as compared to when a country has a sketchy economy in case the country/state has a stable economy.

The importance of a wage verification form:


A wage verification form serves as proof that the individual is employed. It is subjected to a particular amount of wage. You can say that it gives the other party with the employment history of an individual. Unlike the employment verification form, the wage verification form contains information regarding the wages, salary, and other payment rates associated with the specific employee.

Moreover, the wage verification form acts as an essential document for those individuals who provide various services to their clients. You may also like Employment Verification Letter for Visa.

When do you require the wage verification form?

There is some situation that you will be forced to go through the process;

Requesting for a wage loss

Sometimes, an employee might get an accident in the workplace. You as the employee may want to take some leave in order to recover after compiling an accident report. At the same time, you have to ask your employer to pay you while you are away from work. Here, you require the Wage Verification Form to request for wage loss benefits. The number of benefits you receive during this period based on the insurance policy that the company enrolled for you.

When validating your identity

The wage verification form is an important document while verifying your identity, whether as an employee, an applicant, or a customer. In case, when you are applying for a loan then the form will indicate your identity as an employee of a specific company. In this way, they can further verify that you are responsible. They can pay the debt without any difficulties.

When applying for healthcare benefits

The wage verification form is useful when applying for healthcare benefits. Most healthcare providers require to develop a client-based foundation with beneficiaries, clients, and dependents that are loyal and honest for their services. This form can prove that you are an honest client

Confirming monthly wages

Employee use the wage verification form to check the benefits accrued to him/her. Before submitting to the human resource department or financial departments, companies want that an employee verify their monthly wages.

Printable Wage Verification Form Template

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Free Wage Verification Form Pdf

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Fillable Wage Verification Form

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Employee Wage Verification Form

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How to fill out a wage verification form?

By using the following steps, you can write a Wage Verification Form;


At first, you want to write the credentials of your employer by indicating the following personal information;

  • Name of the employer
  • Street address
  • City
  • Zip code
  • State


In the next step, you want to include the name and details of the employee and the date in which the employee commenced work.



You have to describe the following information here;

  • The type of work
  • The title of the employee
  • The type of employment
  • The amount of wage paid
  • Hours worked per week
  • Payment frequency


In the end, the employer and the employee are expected to sign the form and also mention the date.


In conclusion, a wage verification form is a tool serves as proof that the individual is employed. With the help of this form, you can get the correct and adequate verification. The form is easy to read and understand.

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