Free Washington LLC Operating Agreement Templates (Word / PDF)


The Washington LLC operating agreement template is a legally binding document that contains the rules and practices. These rules and practices have to follow by the members of an LLC in order to avoid future conflicts on the operations and duties in the LLC.

Creating this agreement is beneficial to safeguard business interests and give some clarity to the administration of the LLC. When an operating agreement is created in Washington, the LLC have to file it with the state.

Why an operating agreement in Washington?


Here are the reasons that why you should make operating agreement for your LLC;

Recommendation of state

In the state, an LLC regulate its business activities by having its members make an operating agreement as per section 25.15.006(7) RCW.

Protect LL status

This document makes sure that members remain legally separated from the LLC. Therefore, the assets of the members will not be lost to the company’s liability. Moreover, an operating agreement makes it easier for single-member LLCs to have courts in Washington sustain the limited liability nature of your business.

Prevent conflict

The operating agreement eliminates the possibility of members having disagreements regarding the company’s operation as it sets out the respective privileges and obligations of members to an LLC.

Flexible LLC

In terms of management structure, record-keeping processes, and several other operations, LLCS are very flexible. If not documented clearly, this flexibility may raise issues of inconsistency or regular disagreements. You can prescribe flexible policies and regulations that will regulate the unique activities of your LLC by making an operating agreement.

Protection of agreement

With the help of an operating agreement, the certain rules you set out will regulate your business rather than generic state laws that may be incompatible with your business objectives.

Verbal agreement;

When you make oral agreements, they can lead to disagreements or conflicting narratives in the future. But, all verbal agreements are set out in explicit terms with a written operating agreement. Also, they are enforceable in court. That way, the LLC operating agreement all parts are binding and clear for all members to follow and enforce.

Mindset to initiate a business

You can set forth the policies, values, and goals of a business by drafting an operating agreement. These parts of an operating agreement assist the LLC members in understanding the reasons for the company. In addition to this, they pursue the administration of the LLC with a proper mindset.

Business Account


Operating agreements are required by many financing institutions and bank before they can provide lending or banking services to LLCs. That’s why, to open a business account and line of credit, having an operating agreement is instrumental for an LLC.

How to form an LLC operating agreement?

Here are the steps to form an operating agreement;

Find registered agent

The individual residing in the state or a Washington company, your LLC must appoint them to act as its agent. In case of legal correspondence, the agent serves as a contact person..


LLC type

Here, after identifying your LLC, you will conduct an online application. It’s up to you whether you apply as a new domestic LLC or a foreign LLC existing in another state.

Processing fee

For applications, the processing fee when done online is $200 or $180 by paper.


Operating Agreement

Next, you have to make your LLC operating agreement. In the agreement, set out the privileges and responsibilities of members.


Either online or by submitting form to the Internal Revenue Service, the LLC is to apply for an Employer Identification Number.

Washington Operating Agreement

Washington operating agreement
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Washington LLC Operating Agreement Template

Washington llc operating agreement template
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Free Washington LLC Operating Agreement Template

free Washington llc operating agreement template
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In conclusion, a Washington LLC operating agreement is a legal framework that businesses use to establish all the complex policies, rights, and duties that guide business operations. This document is perfect for both sole proprietorships and multi-member LLC. Additionally, the operating agreement outlines the company’s financial details.

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