100% Free Maine Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form (Word)

A Maine motor vehicle bill of sale form serves as legal proof of the purchase that is required while selling or buying vehicle in the state of Maine. In case, legal issues arises with the vehicle, it safeguards both the buyer and the seller.

Since buyers are not allowed to operate the vehicle on public roads until they register and title the vehicle in their name. For this, they require a car bill of sale for Maine and other documentations. All these are presented to Maine’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles for the purpose of registering and titling.

Furthermore, this document is also required to calculate the sales tax during the registration process. The buyer and the seller have to affix their signatures on the car bill of sale for Main. In case, there is a lien on the vehicle, then the lienholder will also have to sign the document.

Other document that you require to register a vehicle in Maine is an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form MVT-32). In case, on behalf of the owner you are registering or titling a vehicle then you will also have to complete a Vehicle Power of Attorney form.

What to include in a car bill of sale for Main?

Include the following details in a car bill of sale for Main;

  • Transaction date
  • Both the buyer and the seller complete names
  • Details of the vehicle that includes the make, model, year, VIN, and mileage
  • The selling price of the vehicle
  • The seller and the buyer contact information
  • The seller and the buyer signatures

In Maine, registering a vehicle:

As a new owner, you have to register a vehicle with BMW when purchased. The registration of the vehicle show be renewed annually and generally during the month when it was registered. In case, your vehicle is being transferred from out-of-state, then to register the vehicle, you have 30 days from building your residency.

In case, you are renewing your vehicle registration, you will need your current registration, the current mileage of the vehicle, and your insurance card details. You can renew it online by using BMV’s Rapid Renewal Service.

In addition, if your vehicle registration expired over 7 months ago then you cannot use the Rapid Renewal Service. Also, your vehicle falls into one of the following classifications;

  • Apportioned
  • Emergency
  • Island Use
  • Coach
  • Tractor
  • Special mobile equipment
  • State of municipal vehicle
  • The vehicle exceeds 12,000 pounds
  • Required to complete form SR-22

Maine Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Maine motor vehicle bill of sale form
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Free Maine Car Bill of Sale Form

Maine car bill of sale form
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The documents that you require for registering your vehicle:

  • An existing and valid Maine Driver’s License
  • Maine Car bill of sale
  • Odometer Disclosure Form
  • The original title of the vehicle. In case, this has been lost, you will require to get a Title Replacement.
  • For the payment of Excise Tax, a receipt. The amount of Excise Tax may vary on the basis of which municipality you live in.
  • Both the while and yellow copies of Registration Application. You can obtain this from your local municipality office.
  • You will have to bring in the blue Title Application in case your vehicle year is from 1995 or newer.
  • The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price sticker in case you have bought the vehicle brand new. It is also known as the Monroney Label or a copy of the sticker.
  • Required funds to pay for the suitable Registration fees
  • With an authorized Maine insurance provider, evidence of vehicle insurance.
  • Completing a Power of Attorney for motor vehicles is also required to register the vehicle on behalf of the owner.

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