Lease Default Letter (Samples & Examples)

A lease default letter is sent by both the landlord and the tenant. The tenant can compose this letter if the landlord violates the agreement they made. However, the landlord can compose lease default letter due to late rent payment and due to non-compliance.

2 types of leases:

Before signing a lease agreement, you should know about the two types of leases.

Periodic lease agreement:

This type of lease is applicable on a week-to-week and month-to-month basis. When each rent payment is made, it renews itself.

Lease agreement:

According to this agreement, during the duration of the lease the tenant has the option of paying his rent usually one year. But the landlord can also set a shorter or a longer-term duration.

What is tenant default?

Tenant default is a situation when tenant breaches the lease agreement which is made between him and the landlord. Tenant default can arise due to the following reasons; You may also like Tenant Information Update Form.

  • When a tenant fails to pay the rent
  • Violate the repair agreement
  • Violate the alienation agreement
  • Use the permitted things
  • An act of failure

A tenant default can be a costly situation. It can also lead to eviction. As a tenant or a landlord, you should know what to do with a lease default notice is important and can be profitable for both parties.

Things to consider:

  • You should ensure that the tenant is in default. This thing is important before taking any strict measures against them. The landlord should also go through the signed lease agreement in the event of default by the tenant. If the tenant fails to check the lease, then it may set the landlord in a potentially expensive and embarrassing.
  • Sometimes landlords assume that the tenant is in default and they evict the tenant without resorting to a process of law. Thus, without the court order, the landlord is liable for trespass along with liability under the tenant’s lease.
  • The landlord should be very careful during recapturing of properties that may appear abandoned by the tenant. Moreover, the landlord is responsible for breaching the tenant’s lease and for disposing-off property that they didn’t authorize to dispose of.
  • Every state has different rules to evict the tenants from their properties. In some states, there are courts that listen the issues revolve around tenancy and tenant eviction. Additionally, some states ask the landlord to provide a statuary period of resolving the breach.
  • If there are no meaningful questions regarding the tenant’s default, then the court allows the landlord to re-let the property.
  • The landlord should be prepared for informal resolution because disputes are tricky, risky, and expensive. You should also check the Parking Space Rental Agreement.

Free Lease Default Template

free lease default template
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Lease Default Letter Sample

lease default letter sample
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Demand Letter for Unpaid Rent

demand letter for unpaid rent
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Notice of Default on Lease Agreement

notice of default on lease agreement
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Notice to Quit Non Compliance

notice to quit non compliance
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Notice to Quit or Vacate for Non Payment

notice to quit or vacate for non payment
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Tips to avoid lease default situations:

Here are some tips that will help you avoid such situations;

  • Both the tenant and the landlord should work within a time frame. Before the lease expires, the tenant should still pay the remaining rent.
  • You can examine the other options if your lease does not have the provision for a buyout. In some cases, lease may allow you to assign the property to another tenant a temporary basis. However, if you assign the property to another tenant it will acquit you from the responsibilities of your original lease.
  • Also, the lease default affects your credit card report negatively. So, you must avoid a negative landlord report as the tenant.
  • If you want to break the lease, then you should work with your landlord. Do the work to find a new tenant to the landlord. In this way, the landlord allows you to break your lease. You may also see Hunting Lease Agreement Template.


In conclusion, a lease default letter is a formal document sent by the landlord to the tenant or the tenant to the landlord. It informs both parties that they have breached the agreement then the court allows the landlord to re they made. Tenant default may arise due to different reasons we have discussed above. In addition, tenant default can also lead to eviction.

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