Free Babysitter Contract Templates & Examples (Word / PDF)

In the past, the babysitters required a babysitter contract template to solidify the scope of their job. They had a fairly casual working relationship with their clients. Nowadays, this contract is required to minimize liabilities and define the scope of babysitter’s responsibilities. They also use this contract to legally safeguard themselves from any potential action being taken against them.

Moreover, on the basis of the relationship babysitters have with their client, they may charge per session or may draw up a contract for a number of sessions at a time. The contract will also govern the nature of the job such as;

  • The method of transport
  • The hours for which the babysitter will be required
  • Emergency contacts and protocol
  • Other additional terms the clients may insist upon

How to draft a babysitter contract?

A babysitter acts in in the scope of an independent contract when they offer to work for a client. Consequently, many of the specifics of the job itself must be negotiated among the client and the babysitter. They are also important to draft a legally valid babysitter’s contract. Consider the following tips while drafting your own babysitters’ contract;

The purpose of a babysitter contract

  • In the first paragraph, you have to make a formal declaration of the purpose of the agreement itself as well as include the date on which the contract is signed. The parties have to be clearly identified. Additionally, the full names of the babysitters and the clients should be printed.

    In some cases, clients also require personal details like an address, marital status, phone number, etc. However, this isn’t technically a legal requirement. You should ensure to talk with your client to see what exactly they would require.

  • In the next section, you have to build the relationship between the children and the client. The State clearly whether they are the parents or legal guardians of the child. They have to declare their relationship as well as print their names and addresses. You may also see Nanny Contract Templates.

Information regarding the children, babysitter, and the parents

  • In the care of the babysitter, the children that are placed will also need to be identified. Additional information like as age and gender will also be required. In case, there are multiple kids are being taken care of, you have to leave enough space to list all their names.
  • Payment will also require to be sorted out. Generally, babysitters are independent contractors. Thus, charge either per session or per hour. You’ll need to include a section that covers the terms of payment and lists your charges when you are sure of how you’d like to charge your client.
  • Many parents/guardians will have babysitters. They make schedules and comprehensive list of responsibilities. You will need to include a section in a babysitter contract that explicitly explains the babysitter’s responsibilities. A schedule should be attached in this part of the contract as many parents will expect it.

Finalizing the contract

  • A disclaimer section is very essential. It is the final bit that requires to be drafted. Since it secures babysitters from potential liabilities later down the line so this is very essential. Here, parents also have to specify any allergies or health problems the child may have. In case of any potential instance, failure to do so makes the parents not the babysitters legally vulnerable.
  • In the end, mention a timeframe within which the contract will be active. It is as simple as stating a beginning and ending date. You have to ensure to talk with your clients since any additional clauses will have to be added before this.
  • The parents/guardians and the babysitter must print their signatures and date of signing to formalize the document.

Printable Babysitter Contract Template

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Babysitting Agreement Form

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Babysitter Contract Template Free

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In conclusion, a babysitter contract template is an important document that defines the scope of babysitter’s responsibilities and legally protect themselves from any potential action being taken against them.

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