Free Utah LLC Operating Agreement Template (Word)

A Utah LLC operating agreement template is a legal document that gives company members the full details of the management structure. It also offers details of the company’s operating procedures of any size. Some of the areas that are addressed in the Utah LLC operating agreement include management roles, employees, capital investments, and other relevant company details.

Why an operating agreement in Utah?

You as a business owner have to enter into this agreement to regulate the internal affairs of your company or business as per the Utah Code Section 48-3a-102(16). Secondly, there will be a reduction in conflicts among managing members as the Utah LLC operating agreement highlights all the necessary information of how the business is meant to run.

The document helps preserve your limited liability status which is another reason for creating an LLC operating agreement in Utah. Furthermore, the operating agreement indicates for sole owners of an LLC in Utah court officials, investors, banks, and other authorities that you are credible, with clearly defined procedures. You may also like Ohio LLC Operating Agreement Templates.

The significance of operating agreement:

A Utah LLC operating agreement is an important part of the company as it makes sure your credibility as a business. It makes the authorities able to see the management structure and the mode of operations.

Moreover, it formalizes a verbal agreement with other members of the company which is another important feature that the Utah LLC operating agreement adds to your business. Most importantly, the operating agreement indicates professionalism to all members involved in your business.

Your business is free from state interference with the Utah LLC operating agreement. Your business will not fall under the jurisdiction of default laws of the state as a result of the implementation of the LLC operating agreement in Utah.

You and some other members of the company may agree on every problem and it is basically normal. Hence, with clearly defined instructions on how the internal affairs of the business should be upheld, the operating agreement reduces conflicts. You should also check Arkansas LLC Operating Agreement Templates.

How to form an LLC operating agreement?

Here are the steps to follow;


You, as an LLC in Utah, have to designate a registered agent in order to get the service of process and government notices on your company’s behalf. Furthermore, the registered agent must be reside in the state of Utah. Also, the agent could be a qualified business that operates in Utah.

Type of LLC

For LLCs found within Utah, the domestic LLC is designated, while, the Foreign LLC is formed outside of the jurisdiction. Therefore, before filling out the form, you have to make sure which LLC needs to be taken into consideration.

Complete the application

You can file the Certificate of Organization for domestic LLC via online or paper medium. However, the foreign registration statement has to be presented in case of Foreign LLC.

Filing fee

To complete the application, you need to pay a $70 filing fee. This fee can be paid through credit card (online) or you can also pay it with a cheque to the “State of Utah”. Attach all the relevant articles in case you use mail for the filing process.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is an official document used by business owners to highlight meeting times, responsibilities of members and managers, finances, and more. They use this document to give relevant insight into the multi-purpose document. It consists of two parts, a single-member LLC operating agreement and a multi-member LLC operating agreement.


When you have filed your LLC with Utah or the state of your choice, you get an Employer Identification Number. It acts as an identifier having more or less the same function like a Social Security Number. You may also see Alabama LLC Operating Agreement Template.

Free Utah LLC Operating Agreement Template

free utah llc operating agreement template
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Printable Utah LLC Operating Agreement Template

printable utah llc operating agreement template
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In conclusion, a Utah LLC operating agreement template is used by business owners in the internal affairs of a company. This agreement makes sure that the company is ready for any form of litigation.

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