Printable HVAC Service Contract Templates (MS Word)

HVAC service contract template is a contract between an owner of a property and a professional who deals with the servicing of HVAC units. HVAC refers to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and this system generally needs some degree of maintenance on a daily basis.

What is an HVAC contract?

An HVAC contract is highly recommended for both service providers and property owners and it is usually made for an on-going agreement not a one-time job. This contract guarantees an income for service providers. Furthermore, it also ensures that the property owner’s HVAC units get consistent servicing and care.

In the long run, this can enhance the value of their property. It also assists in avoiding several problems that may stem from faulty HVAC units. This is especially essential in the summer and winter because temperatures are likely to be very high or low.

HVAC service contract generally involve the following;

  • Services provided: In most states, before summer and winter, it commonly contains a routine check-up, cleaning and servicing, and a “tune-up” when most necessary. The agreement should also include the services that offer to replace spare parts if necessary. In addition to this, priority services that compel the service provider to attend to your requirements when needed and even emergency services.
  • The financials: All of the essential financials should be mentioned in the contract. It involves the mount paid and the term for which it is paid as well as the cost of additional “add-ons.”

All these above-mentioned are the most common particulars that should be discussed and mentioned in the body of the contract. Customers and service providers may also include additional clauses.

Before drafting an HVAC service contract, things to know:

At first, if the owner wish to hire an HVAC service provider, they will need to budget and plan accordingly. Sometimes, it can be more affordable to do maintenance on a case-to-case basis and hire a professional when needed instead of contract them to do it on a routine basis. When the HVAC unit itself is new and is covered by warranty, this is especially true.

Additionally, on the basis of the services offered and the locality, HVAC service contracts generally range from $150 to $500 a year. Consequently, owners should do some research regarding the cost of one-time services. With a contract, even if no repair or maintenance is required, owners will be paying a set amount. Therefore, they should make sure that whether or not they need an HVAC service provider.

Moreover, within the yearly contract, they should see what services are included. An HVAC service contract may be the right option in case an emergency and priority services are of particular value to the property owner. You should also check the Facility Maintenance Checklist Template.

Printable HVAC Service Contract Template

printable HVAC service contract template
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Free HVAC Service Contract Template

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Faqs Frequently Asked Questions

What is performed during HVAC maintenance?

HVAC maintenance involves a check-up to check whether there is anything faulty within your HVAC unit. They also check cleaning filters and units to ensure that they can continue to run at maximum efficiency. A licensed professional typically performs all these check-ups.

To service an HVAC system, how much does it cost?

HVAC servicing generally costs range from $150 and $500 on a contract basis in the United States. On the basis of service providers and locality, these contracts run for a year and offer service sessions twice or thrice a year. Companies typically charge $100-$150 per hour on a case-to-case basis.

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