Landscaping Budget Templates Free Download (Excel / Word / PDF)


Landscaping businesses use a landscaping budget template to estimate the cost involved in a specific project. Using this template enables you to professionally display the estimate of material costs, unit prices, and labor costs.

Depending on the type of landscaping work either commercial landscaping or a small-scale private gig, select the template that will provide you the most accurate landscape cost estimate. Furthermore, the landscaping budget template is made up of line items (a name given to an item that will be mentioned in a budget).

Many contractors use MS Word or Google Docs to create the landscaping budget. But, these tools don’t manage your landscaping projects effectively as they can’t manage potential deals and forecast future cash flow.


Landscaping Budget Template

The benefits of using a landscaping budget template:

It is professionalism and trustworthiness when you present a client with a well-formatted estimation of the costs for a landscaping project. Here are some more benefits of using the landscaping estimate template;

  • When you deal with a landscaping project, you have to communicate with different parties, transport different materials, and determine the future steps. You can understand your project more effectively by writing down your plans in an estimate along with the processes and elements involved.
  • A well-crafted landscaping estimate reduces the risk of miscommunication. Also, it provides your potential clients with all the details they need to make a decision.
  • You can adjust your landscaping projects where necessary by having an estimate of exactly how much money and manpower is required. The template allows you to see the biggest cost centers so that you can adjust them to remain within budget at an early stage.

Landscaping Budget Template Excel

sample and example landscaping budget excel template
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Excel (xls, xlsx)
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Landscaping Business Estimate Form

landscaping business estimate form
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Landscaping Estimate Template Free

landscaping estimate template free
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Printable Landscaping Estimate Template

landscaping estimate template
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The types of landscaping budget templates:

Let us discuss the two common types of landscaping budget templates;

General landscaping business budget template

In this type of landscaping budget template, the cost estimates are categorized by area rather than separating the costs based on materials and labor. For each area and line item, the landscaper can provide a total cost. Furthermore, this document is usually used when you want to determine which areas require landscaping and which don’t.

Landscaping lawn care estimate template

It contains a more detailed landscaping business estimate including the following sections;

  • Materials used
  • Plant information
  • The labor involved
  • Customer information
  • Job description

The landscaping lawn care estimate template separates the estimated costs into categories. These categories may include plants, labor, lawn materials, and hard materials. At the bottom of the template, you can see the total estimated costs for each of these categories and the entire landscaping job.


How to estimate landscaping costs?

To estimate your landscaping costs, you need to do research. Do thorough research to get the more accurate landscaping costs. You can also consult a range of suppliers to secure materials.

How to create my landscaping budget?

You need to have an overview of all the costs of the potential project to create your landscaping budget. This may include the design, trees, plants, digging, etc. In addition, you need to break down the costs into categories in case of large projects.

What to include in my landscaping budget?

Your landscaping budget should include the following details;

1- The date of budget creation and submission
2- Your landscaping business name and contact details
3- Your client’s name and contact details
4- The address of the property that needs landscaping
5- An estimate of material, labor, overhead, and subcontractor costs

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