Free Printable Illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale Form (Word)


You don’t need an Illinois vehicle bill of sale form while registering a vehicle that you bought via a private sale or dealership sale within the state of Illinois. In case, if you have moved to the state of Illinois then you have to show some proof of ownership in order to register a vehicle that has an out-of-state title. However, the state doesn’t issue its own Bill of Sale document.

But, having a bill of sale in Illinois has some benefits. It acts as proof that the transaction has occurred. It gives both the seller and the buyer legal protection in case a dispute arises about the sale of the vehicle.

An Illinois vehicle bill of sale indicates that the buyer were not responsible for parking tickets, fines, or accidents that happened before the date of the sale. For seller, it also works in the same way as for the buyer. It indicates that they are not responsible for anything that occurred after the date of sale.


Furthermore, you need a car bill of sale in Illinois if you want to use their vehicle for tax or business purposes. When the sale has been made, it is up to the buyer to register and title the vehicle.

Other requirements:

During selling and transferring ownership of the vehicle, the seller has to provide an odometer disclosure statement for title transfers (Form VSD 333.4). Doing this makes sure that the mileage on the odometer has not been tampered with or altered in any way. The seller is also required to complete a Report of Sale (Form VSD-703). Then, submit it to the secretary of State’s vehicle services division. When the vehicle has been sold, this should be done immediately.

Junk vehicles:

The owner will need to submit a junk vehicle notification form (Form VSD-325) to the state of Illinois in case to send the vehicle to salvage or has lost the title. The correctly assigned certificate of title, salvage certificate, or certificate of purchase should be needed that serves as an acceptable bill of sale in Illinois.

Details to include in an Illinois vehicle bill of sale form:

  • The seller and buyer full legal names and addresses
  • Details of vehicles such as the make, model, year, condition, color, odometer reading, and more.
  • The date when the sale has occurred
  • The sale price of the vehicle
  • Signatures of both parties

After buying a vehicle in Illinois:

After buying the vehicle, you have 7 days to register it at the Secretary of State VSD. You will also have to complete an Application for Vehicle Transaction (Form VSD-190). This can be done online or face to face at your local driver services office). For the majority of situations, by using Illinois electronic registration and title (ERT) system, you will be able to start and complete the process.

According to Illinois law, you are not permitted to operate the vehicle after the sale and before you register the vehicle. Even you aren’t allowed to use the plates that are on it since these still belong to the seller of the vehicle. You may also see the Vehicle Power of Attorney Form.

Free Printable illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

illinois vehicle bill of sale form
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Documents needed while registering a Vehicle in Illinois:

  • Bill of sale
  • Odometer disclosure statement for title transfers (VSD 333.4)
  • Application for vehicle transaction (Form VSD-190)
  • A seller’s report of sale (VSD-703)
  • Certification of title. It should be signed by the previous owner
  • Tax RUT-50. You can get it at an SOS office
  • A valid Illinois driver’s license
  • The correct amount to cover registration fees
  • Proof of Car Insurance
  • You have to complete a motor vehicle power of attorney in order to register a vehicle on behalf of another person.

In conclusion, Illinois State doesn’t require an Illinois vehicle bill of sale form but it is highly beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.

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